Bulk moringa leaf powder

bulk moringa leaf powder

Survey results showed that around 38.2 million persons in United States consumed natural supplements in 2002. Among the users more than half of them opined that natural herbal products were vital for their health. Use rates were higher for women than men 21.0% vs 16.7%; adults aged 45 to 64 years were using more supplements.

These citizens in USA belong to multiple races, Asians (24.6%) or American Indians or Alaskan natives (21.9%) rather than whites (19.1%) or blacks (14.3%); residents of the western United States. College graduates ranged 25.3% than the middle school students). Among these, only 33.4% told a conventional health care provider about their herb or supplement use.

Herbal supplements are different from synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements in that they are considered to have medicinal value. Primitive and ancient civilizations heavily depended on herbs for healing, as many contemporary cultures throughout the world are doing now. In fact, the World Health Organization has estimated that 80% of the world’s current population continues to use traditional therapies, a majority of which have been derived from plants. Few plant resources such as moringa leaf powder and capsules have been used as supplement to fight against under nutrition.

It is advisable to follow a healthy diet and exercises. Even the best supplement is not the substitute for good nutrition. In many of the Western countries, people consume fat rich heavy calorie foods that lack nutrients vital for good health. Moreover the processed foods and GMO foods intake has been creating various side affects affecting health. Thus consumption of herbal food supplements has increased heavily in the western world. Instead of consuming several supplements, it’s easy to include pure moringa oleifera leaf powder in the staple diet.

Due to distinct nutritional needs, specific groups of people, benefited highly from taking a vitamin and mineral supplement:

  • Women of childbearing age
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Children and teenagers (irregular eating habits)
  • Elderly people
  • Vegetarians or vegans
  • Dieters or people banning certain foods
  • People with eating disorders or medical conditions (absorption problems, lactose intolerance, deficiency diseases etc.)
  • People who are regular eaters of processed foods

These products are packed in small packs as the product can retain nutritional value up to 6 months. When you get it from a bulk leaf powder manufacturer you can ensure that the quality is good. Bulk manufacturers will be following strict quality control measures as they will have to meet organic standards,

It will be advisable to take one single supplement such as moringa oleifera herb powder that will fulfill the nutrient requirements of balanced diet. Nonessential indicates that our bodies produce these amino acids, even if we don’t get it from the regular food we eat. They include: aspartic acid, asparagine, alanine and glutamic acid.

Conditional amino acids are usually not important, unless during times of stress and sick conditions. They include glycine, arginine, proline, cysteine, ornithine, glutamine, tyrosine and serine. Value of the amino acids in 100 grams of moringa oleifera dried leaf powder include: Arginine 1,325 mg, Histidine 613 mg, Isoleucine 825 mg, Leucine 1,950 mg, Lysine 1,325 mg, Methionine 350 mg, Pheylalanine 1,388 mg, Threonine 1,188 mg, Tryptophan 425 mg and Valine 1,063 mg.

Moringa oleifera leaf powder has the unique property of supplying few non essential amino acids, few conditional amino acids and all 9 essential amino acids. But it is surprising to know that it is free from any side effects. In fact, it contains histidine that is given as an allopathic medication for treating allergies.