Does moringa oil lighten skin

moringa oil for lighten skin

Moringa oil has rich nutrients and composition similar to olive oil. It has 90 nutrients and has 9 essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, chlorophyll and anti-inflammatory substances. It is lighter than olive oil and penetrates into the skin more rapidly. Egyptian royal families have used this oil and this is inferred from archeological evidences. Japanese and Korean women are few of top users of this oil that gives soft skin and youthful look. Various cosmetic products are manufactured using this oil as main ingredient.

It can be used as exfoliating scrub with sugar cubes. This combination helps to lighten skin color. It has rich vitamin E for which is incorporated in skin care and hair care products manufacture. It moisturizes and smoothen skin. It can remove fine lines and wrinkles without irritating soft skin. It has been found to lighten skin tone, nourishes. With its 1700 anti-oxidants it protects the skin from free radical damage. This oil is capable of removing dirt and smog from skin. For this reason, this oil is commonly used in cosmetics to give the fresh-looking appearance for skin.

Immediately after bath, apply a cold pressed moringa seed oil based cream while the skin is still damp. In case the skin on elbows and knees is dry, you should use a thicker cream or body butter. Massage the anti-aging cream into the skin on these areas. You can use it with turmeric to removes suntan and sunburn conditions. Regular usage of this oil imparts an even color tone. This happens mainly due to shaving or the use of hair removal creams on face. Chemical based exfoliating creams can cause the skin to darken. Hair removal creams are also known to cause skin discoloration.

Vitamin E from natural sources can give best results to this oil makes the pores smaller. It stays near the pores and prevents clogging of the pores. Research studies on this oil exhibits antibacterial properties. The 1700 anti-oxidants in this oil can give natural glow and color to skin. Application of this oil and lemon juice mixed together makes the skin fair and glowing. This oil can be used as massage oil. It is left on skin for 20-40 minutes and it is wiped with cotton ball. You can wash face with moringa mild soap.

It can be used for treating acnes, pimples and psoriasis. It can remove hyper pigmentation. As cold pressed oil is free from chemicals and irradiation, it can be soft on skin. It can increase elastin and collagen levels to impart softness to skin. In addition to that you can consume moringa leaves powder or start to use capsules for good detoxification effects. Regular use of moringa oleifera seed oil can interfere with activity of free radicals.