Health benefits of moringa seed oil

moringa oil for anthelmintic activity

Due to the low free fatty acid content in the extracted moringa oil from the seeds, there was no need for oil neutralization. There is necessity to use degumming as the extracted oil will be cloudy and gums in it can reduce smocking temperature of oil. Degumming process resulted in transparent yellow output at room temperature with a characteristic nutty odour.

The major fatty acids found in the oil are oleic (C18:1, 77.9%), palmitic (C16:0, 9.3%), stearic (C18:0, 3.5%) and behenic (C22:0, 2.6%) acid. The small amounts of linoleic (C18:2, 0.6%), linolenic (C18:3, 1.6%), arachidic (C20:0, 1.8%) and palmitoleic (C16:1, 2.5%) acid were also detected. The seed oil possesses a low percentage 2.2% of polyunsaturated fatty acid methyl esters (C18:2 and C18:3).This ratio has been compared to content of fatty acids in oils such as sunflower, canola, soybean. Due to the composition, this oil could be used for edible purposes and in industrial purposes such as hydrogenation, shortening production etc.

Anthelmintic Activity

Earthworms of 3-5 cm in length and 0.1-0.2 cm width were used in all the experimental studies as to their anatomical and physiological similarities with intestinal roundworm parasites. Four groups of earthworms with 6 earthworms in each group were let out into 10 ml of leaves extract and oil. This goal was to compare anthelmintic activity of the herbs and moringa seed oil. Study observations were recorded on the time taken for paralysis and death of individual earth worms. Paralysis was observed when the worms did not revive even when normal saline was used after the extract and oil usage.

Group one considered as control group, received only distilled water; Group two served as standard and receives standard drug Piperazine citrate (10mg/ml); In group three cold pressed moringa seed oil was used. Oleic acid was used in the fourth group. Researchers used Indian adult earthworms Pheretima posthumous species for their projects. When the worms lost their motility followed with fading away of their body colors, their death was confirmed. Group three showed promising results as it can remove the harmful agents from the body. When moringa oleifera seed oil is used for cooking applications, it can serve the health benefits similar to olive oil. Moreover the Anthelmintic activity trials prove the value of the oil.