How to use moringa leaf powder

how to use moringa leaf powder

Researchers studied advantages of moringa leaf powder than other protein resources using rabbit models. Aqueous extract of moringa oleifera leaf has been shown to protect rats from developing gastric ulcer induced by indomethacin in a dose dependently manner. High anti-inflammatory doses of indomethacin have been found to hamper the proteoglycans synthesis by chondrocytes. It can also play vital role in functions of trans-membrane ion fluxes and cell to cell binding. It has the ability to expose T-cell suppressor activity that leads to reduction in the rheumatoid factor.

Presence of flavonoids offers protection in ulcer development. It is done by increasing capillary resistance and improving micro-circulation. This action will render the cells to suffer less injury when precipitating factors for ulcer act. Researchers studied leaf extract was found to protect the gastric mucosa against indomethacin effect in a dose dependent manner.

Researchers studied about photochemical constituents of the leaf extract of moringa oleifera. Tannins and flavonoids have been found to reduce initiation and continuation of ulceration. Leaf extract functions as anti-ulcerogenic agent. It is used in traditional medicinal systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani. Treatment with moringa oleifera or lovastatin in normal rabbits decreased the HDL levels. Moringa oleifera was found to increase the excretion of faecal cholesterol. This study proved that the leaf extract possesses a hypolipidaemic effect.

Pure moringa oleifera leaf powder has been found to reduce levels of serum cholesterol, phospholipids, triglyceride and LDL. It can reduce atherogenic index, LDL and lower cholesterol to phospholipids ratio. They have been found to increase HDL ratio (HDL/HDL-total cholesterol) when compared to the corresponding control groups. Treatment with moringa oleifera or lovastatin (a cholesterol lowering drug) in normal rabbits decreased HDL level. Moringa oleifera leaves extract gives the benefits without any side effects.

Researchers administered moringa oleifera dried leaf powder with the food, serum glucose levels were measured decreased. Obese people with type II diabetes can take this powder in their regular diet to reduce glucose levels and cholesterol in natural and safe way. This powder is recommended for diabetic persons.

People can prevent diabetes type II and other chronic conditions with regular consumption of this moringa oleifera leaf powder. Activity in reducing of blood glucose levels, heart weight and body weight in adrenaline induced rats has been significantly high. Lowering activity of serum triglyceride level and serum cholesterol level with leaves extract of moringa oleifera and atenolol (drug for hypertension) in adrenaline induced rats has been found to be higher than any other leaves extract.