Importance of moringa leaf powder

moringa leaf powder for bone strength

Herbal supplements have been found to give excellent benefits when compared with allopathic drugs. These allopathic drugs have lot of side effects and on the long run, the chronic health conditions may lead to several other health problems. The bacteria and viruses had undergone genetic mutations to fight against commonly used antibiotics and this was the concern of the researchers. They were looking for natural phyto compounds that could fight against various bacterial and viral infections.

Many chronic human conditions has been due various nutritional deficiencies and malfunctioning of various organs. This may be prevented by consuming moringa leaf powder daily. Researchers studied this powder can be used for various purposes It has to be taken on empty stomach, when you are taking as laxative only. Leaf powder can be taken added to vegetable soups. It can be also added in the baking mix of cookies, cakes etc. They can be blended with fruits to prepare healthy smoothies for weight loss.

Due to rich calcium and vitamin D, people found that the intake of leaf powder can improve their health remarkably. Bones growth is important for children and they can be given leaf powder added vegetable soup. With vitamin C in it, iron absorption gets enhanced. Increase in iron will helpful for hemoglobin levels in blood this will carry oxygen throughout the body. Moringa can improve blood circulation with vitamin E.

Research studies have proved the scientific evidence about the efficacy of many plants used in folk medicine to treat infections. Moringa leaves are rich source of natural antioxidants such as ascorbic acid, flavonoids, phenolics and carotenoids. Gamma sitosterol is found to reduce the serum cholesterol level. It can contribute towards antimicrobial and anti-oxidant properties. It has saturated fat reducing and cholesterol lowering activity, and thus helps in reducing the risk of coronary diseases.

Vitamin E with its anti-oxidant activity has been responsible for preventing chronic and acute diseases, vitamin E rich foods can reduce oxidative stress component that lead to cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and cancer. High vitamin E intakes have been found to give a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin E from natural sources show improved effect in chronic disease. These activities are analyzed whether these are related to its anti-oxidant function. Pure moringa oleifera leaf powder anti-oxidant functions include its role in cell signaling, its recognition by α-tocopherol transfer protein, and its metabolism. Important functions of the moringa tree leaf powder may improve human vitamin E deficiency, increased body metabolism and chronic disease conditions.