Is moringa powder safe

moringa for digestion

It’s important to note that moringa leaf powder does not have substantial clinical studies that support its benefits. More studies therefore need to be conducted before the uses of moringa can be advised. That said; there are two ways in which moringa oleifera can be used and this is orally or through application to the skin.

Moringa oleifera can be taken orally to treat headaches, stomach pain including constipation and intestinal ulcers, asthma, cancer, heart conditions, high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes, kidney stones. This highly nutritious food supplement cannot be taken when you are on certain allopathic medications. These may interfere with the activity of this powder.

You should select pure organic moringa oleifera leaf powder or capsule, in case; you are new user of this kind of herbal products. Low temperature dried organic leaf powder, seeds and pods are however safe for consumption as they are free from any additives, insecticides and pesticides. But it is advisable to start with low dosage. Common side effects that may arise with the consumption of excess dosage of moringa oleifera herb powder include diarrhea, heart burn and nausea. This taste may be unpleasant and tends to produce hesitation for many first time users. This powder could cause nausea, if taken too much on a single day.

It is recommended that you should lower your dosage when you have a feeling of nausea. This powder can act as a laxative especially when consumed on an empty stomach. Taking high potency of this leaf powder could be irritating stomach. People who have taken this powder directly with water felt heart burns. It is better to mix the herb with a thicker beverage or cook it with food. Generally Greens are known to thicken blood and it may not be advisable to eat moringa if you are on blood thinning medications.

As with allopathic medicines, several factors need to be considered with dosage of herbal products. Some conditions may require a higher dosage than others and it depends on dietary requirements. The health of the person is important and they may not be able to tolerate the potent nature of this leaf powder. Allopathic drugs may be giving side effects even after discontinuation. When you start to take the leaf powder, you should stop other medications and leave a gap of 4-5 days.

People who are generally weak and unable to eat should take the herb in small doses. The age of the user is also important to determine the dose. Small children should take lower dosage than adults. You have to strictly follow the directions and instructions on the product labels. Consult with a medical professional before trying this alternative medicine. As they interfere with blood thinning medications, you have to consult with your physician about the usage of moringa.

Moringa tree leaf powder without any additives is quite safe to consume at low dosages. There are strong evidences that moringa flowers, leaves and fruit pods have been used in cooking in the native countries. In India, Philippines and Srilanka various recipes with these tree produces are quiet popular rural populations have been widely using them for various health benefits.