Is moringa tea good for you

is moringa tea good for you

Taking herbal tea with various parts of plants can be beneficial for health. These teas are free from caffeine. Leaves are subjected to natural shade drying and low temperature drying of the processed powders. Herbal teas contain natural tannins, polyphenols, Epi Gallo Catechin Gallate etc. These compounds are rich antioxidants. Among them, moringa tea occupies a special place due to its 46 antioxidants and minerals. Apart from this, it has enriched vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K and all 9 essential amino acids.


When toxins enter your body, natural detoxification happens due to the activity of liver, lungs and kidneys. Some of the toxins are excreted through sweat, sputum and stools. But when there are more toxins, these organs get over loaded. These organs may not be functioning at their peak efficiency; we need the support of external supplements that induce detoxification. Detoxification by moringa products can improve our organs to function efficiently.

Weight loss

Weight loss can be brought about by shedding belly fats and it is related to body metabolism. Sedentary lifestyle and food habits may be responsible for low body metabolism. It can increase body metabolism as they are effective to bring about good digestion. It can regulate insulin secretion. Liver function is improved and due to the antioxidants, it can interact with the free radicals and make them stable.

Bacterial and viral infections easily affect our body and atmospheric conditions can cause wrinkles and fine lines on face. You can even apply used moringa leaf tea bags to remove puffiness under eyes. As this tea consumption can increase immunity, increase energy levels. Drinking few cups of tea in between meals can help you better digestion of fats. It can be ideal when you are switching over to diet plans. In case of dieting you need energy and feeling of fullness without any cravings.

Moringa leaves can improve functioning of bones, heart, liver and lungs. In case the leaves are low temperature dried, the teas will retain the value of nutrients. Herbal teas are brewed at low temperature and taken without addition of milk. You can use organic honey in case of sugar you need sweet taste. You may wonder moringa oleifera leaf tea gives energy without the side effects. These herbal teas should be taken immediately after brewing, to get the nutritional benefits.

Moringa leaf tea bags or loose leaf tea is added to the boiling water but herbal ingredients should not be boiled for long duration. Brewing gives valuable nutrients as hot water break bonds in the herbal constituent’s. This gives the specific aroma and taste to the tea. Moringa oleifera herbal tea without any additives will serve vitamins, amino acids minerals and fiber in fresh leaves. Even though negligible amounts of the nutrients are lost, we get the benefits of fresh leaves. It is difficult to obtain fresh leaves at all occasions and all regions.