Moringa Capsules Benefits

Moringa capsules benefits

Recognizing moringa capsules benefits, many western countries have started to use them. As per statistics, USA exported these capsules worth USD 2,274 with total quantity of 700, in the year 2013 from a single location. Let us probe in detail about the usage and benefits of herbal food supplements in the developed countries. The need for food supplement capsules arises as the dietary habits have undergone a drastic change. On an average, Americans consume more food supplements to get the required recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber. Sedentary life style and increased processed foods intake have been affecting health and causing and result in chronic and acute health conditions. Doctors recommend people to add 2-3 servings of vegetables to every meal. Unfortunately, the high cost of vegetables and fruits affect people in the low income group. Food supplements are the options for getting valuable nutrients.

Pure moringa capsule benefits

US is in the top market in food supplement consumptions value, followed by Japan, Canada, China, Australia, Russia, Italy, South Korea, Germany and Taiwan in the decreasing order. UK occupies top 15th position in total vitamins and dietary supplements intake. A survey has been conducted using total of 1288 plant source supplements in the selected 6 European countries. These countries include Italy, Germany, Finland, Romania Spain and United Kingdom. Highest quantity of plant source supplements were used in Italy and Spain. In UK, usage of the number of different plant based food supplements was half of the consumption in other countries. There are individual vitamin supplements, protein supplements and mineral supplements.

Protein synthesis is important for cell generation and it plays a vital role in the body growth. these amino acids are essential lean protein, to make them important in weight loss diet plans. Athletes and sportsmen need a resource that supplies. They suffer from injuries and they expect quick recovery without any side effects. Dried leaf powder has sulphur based amino acids, cystine and methionine that make their unique value in increasing immunity.

There is increased awareness about plant based food supplements and moringa has been identified as perfect protein supplement. As per the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for for Americans (DGA), protein deficiencies are identified as rare condition in the U.S. If you eat fat rich diet, your protein intake can easily go down. DGA recommendation is that adults’ diets must contain 10 to 35 % protein. Normally people think of rich protein sources such as chicken, eggs, meat and protein shakes. But there are alternative ways to incorporate protein in your diet.

Moringa malunggay capsule benefits

In Philippines moringa is known as malunggay and as marangao in Spanish speaking countries. Rural people in the native countries have been aware of the nutritional benefits of the tree leaves. Researchers explored the effects of other alternative protein sources that can be used by people with various types of allergies. Soy allergy may be issue for people as soy is used in variety of processed foods. Moringa capsules are considered to be one of the safe food supplements that can be consumed by people with soy allergies and lactose intolerance.

Moringa leaves are low in fat and it is a good low calorie supplement. With their valuable minerals and vitamins, they could be a healthy alternative for many high cost foods. Moringa leaves supply 42 % of the recommended daily minimum requirement for protein, and 125 % of the recommended daily minimum requirement for calcium. The B complex vitamins in moringa leave aids in digestion. They convert food components to energy and increases body metabolism. Moringa leaves may be eaten, cooked or taken in the form of tea, which makes them a convenient food supplement and nutrition source.

When you are unable take leaf powder along with your staple diet, you can take 2 vegan capsules after breakfast. These zero size capsules of 800 mg per serving can give the nutritional benefits as they have moringa oleifera leaf powder as the sole ingredient. If you are taking any medications, it is advisable to consult with your physician. Research studies have proved that moringa capsules do not have any side effects as they can fight against free radicals and increase immunity.