Moringa capsules for breastfeeding

moringa capsules breastfeeding

Moringa for lactation

Moringa oleifera plant products have been used by lactating and expectant mothers for breast feeding benefits. Researchers studied the effects of moringa leaves by giving them moringa capsules supplements. Apart from supplying all the nutrients to the mother, they have the ability to increase the milk production of a lactating mother. Fruit pods and leaves of moringa contain natural constituents, which promote lactation. Breastfeeding mothers provided significant amounts of milk that their baby needs, by consuming fruit pods and leaves. Moringa leaves have been recognized as one natural galactogogue accepted by obstetricians. Recently clinical tests have been conducted that proved these benefits.

Moringa as a breast feeding supplement

Due to wide recognition of the benefits of moringa products, people over the world want to grow this tree. Cold frost and low temperatures can kill the plant and it is necessary to save the young sapling from frost by keeping them in greenhouses. During cold climate, the tree will remain dormant and leaves may not be there. Once the temperature reaches 70’C, the tree will start to send fresh shoots. But it is easy to get these products through online orders. Organic moringa supplements are available in variety of forms such as moringa leaf powder, capsules, teas etc.

With its ability to induce milk secretion in expectant women, obstetricians have started to include this capsules supplements in prescription of pregnancy supplements. The advantageous thing is that it not only helps milk production, but also protects mother’s health with its anti-oxidants. It also has right levels of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and potassium that pregnant mothers need. As they do not have any side effects, pregnant women can take that if they are not on blood thinning medications.

Moringa leaves powder capsules supplements can be taken either before or after the pregnancy. At both the stages, it is effective in increasing the activity of lactating glands in women. Traditional rural folk has been giving moringa pods soup and moringa leaves fried in cow butter to increase milk production. Research studies show that mothers who took moringa supplements produce twice the amount of milk than those who were on placebo.

If mothers want to provide their child the nutrients that are important during the growing phase of the fetus, taking Moringa before birth would be nice. It is an important for every baby to receive the nutrients that it needs to boost its immune system and developing brain. These proteins and amino acids in it make sure that the child will be delivered in healthy status.

Breastfeeding mothers can take moringa veggie capsules to improve breastfeeding. A safe dosage of 2-3 capsules per day (500mg / capsule) will increase milk production. When the milk secretion returns to normal or has increased, you may reduce intake of these supplements. You can consume these capsules whenever necessary and they are rich in calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, niacin and iron.

It is surprising to know that when other herbs have failed moringa leaves have been able to give best results in milk secretion for lactating mothers. When taking moringa oleifera leaf powder capsules, a safe dose should not exceed 2-3 capsules per day (500mg / capsule). So once milk secretion returns to normal or has increased, you may reduce intake. According to researchers, it has been found to be beneficial for a mother to start the supplement as soon as she gives birth. This enables her milk flow to boost up by the third day after birth.