Moringa capsules for dogs

moringa capsules for dogs

In countries such as India, Srilanka, and Philippines, moringa oleifera trees prevalent. This tree leaves have been used as animal feed in these countries where it is a native. It has all essential amino acids anti-oxidants and vitamins. It can improve health of livestock by increasing immunity. Moringa capsules can be added to pet food and served at recommended dosages. It helps to fulfill nutritional deficits in animal foods. It has been found to be highly beneficial for sick and older dogs to increase immunity. Moringa oleifera leaves are among the most effective nutrient additives for animal feed (fodder). Due to the low cost, rich nutrients and high nutrient absorption rates, moringa powder can be added to the food of common farm animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock. It has high nutrients and may be too strong for their digestion. It is advisable to cook it before giving it to the pets. Do not give it to them frequently or in high quantity. Digestion is improved when these animals eat meat.

Most commercial pet foods have junk meat, meat by-products and GMO corn. They have synthetic vitamins and other nutrients. Even quality dog foods may lack macro minerals and other necessary nutrients. Any cooked dog food will not have Vitamin C. You can feed your pets with moringa leaf powder added to pet food and boiled to give them. Commercial animal food might lack some of the nutrients.

Pets also develop health conditions similar to humans have: obesity, arthritis, clogged arteries and a poor nutrition. Poor nutrition leads to diseases and their lifespan gets decreased. Pets develop arthritis due to poor quality commercial food. When you feed the dogs with moringa, it will help feed joints and muscles to prevent this problem. Different organs and body systems get rich nutrients in moringa that help your pet remain healthier for a longer time.

Moringa leaves powder capsules nutrients will aid pets or livestock animal’s immune system. You may give moringa leaf powder to your pets to boost their energy levels. This applies especially to lactating animals. It will help them to produce more and better quality milk. Nutrients in moringa leaf powder capsules will supply additional nutrients for the pregnant and nursing animals. It helps them in the lactating stage and pregnancy conditions. Pregnant farm animals such as cows, sheep’s and pigs also get benefited with this nutritious food supplement.