Moringa for allergies

moringa for allergies

Allergies in the body are caused by overactive immune system and each one of them is specific. Our body can mistake harmless substances such as dust or pollen as dangerous germs. Immediately it starts to attack them by producing antibodies. Your body releases chemicals such as histamine, in a similar way as if fighting against cold. This can cause puffiness in the nasal passages. A running nose leads to coughing and heavy sneezing.

Initial symptoms are similar but they may also vary with every individual depending upon the allergen. It should be noticed immediately otherwise allergies may lead to life threatening conditions. Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) can give temporary relief. Then doctors will conduct tests to spot out the specific allergen and then prescribe medicines. Allergens should be avoided to get complete relief.

Certain families of antibiotics cannot be ingested by patients due to serious allergies. Penicillin allergies are one common type of antibiotic allergy, with approximately 10% of all people reporting certain degree of allergic response when treated with this drug. The symptoms may start with rash or discomfort, but serious allergic reactions include anaphylactic shock.

You are more susceptible for developing an allergy for food, cosmetics, or attire, in case it is inherited in the family. If both parents have allergies, you have more opportunities for developing food allergy than a person with one parent having allergies. People with soy allergy find it difficult to get the protein and soy products have to identify from the labels. Most of the soy allergic persons have to depend on homemade foods.

You can use moringa leaf powder to get more proteins than soy based products. There are few grains such as quinoa and Teff grain which are gluten free and this can be used for preparing your staple diet. If your immune system is strong enough, it can withstand the activity of the allergens.

Unless you are genetically prone to allergies, you can get relief using natural herbs. Once you take anti-allergens, it is not free from side effects. Some of the allergens are difficult to avoid. One such thing is soy allergy as soy based preservatives are widely used in majority of processed foods.

People with lactose intolerance can get calcium and vitamin D together from taking pure moringa oleifera leaf powder capsules. WHO has recommended the use of leaf powder to be given to infants? This can be given to them by mixing them in breast milk after 6 months to provide calcium and other nutrients.

Researchers analyzed the composition of moringa oleifera dried leaf powder and found that it contain nine essential amino acids along with few non conditional amino acids. Histidine amino acid in it plays active role in preventing allergies. Vitamin C and E in this leaf powder can increase immunity so that allergic responses get reduced. Regular intake of this unique food supplement has been found to prevent various allergies.