Moringa for babies

moringa for babies

As a parent you newborn baby is important to you and you should know how to provide your child healthy growth. Infants will have low immunity and it is essential to protect them in all possible ways. After 6 months, the baby will be ready to consume semisolid food. At this stage, the child needs more nutrients. Porridge prepared with sprouted malt or sprouted grain powder in ancient times.

Infant formulas have few minerals and synthetic vitamins. But child needs more proteins, vitamins and minerals from natural source. Malnourishment of children in developing countries was solved by the use of moringa leaf powder. WHO suggested recommended dosage of this leaf powder for babies after 6 months? This has been confirmed through studies conducted with lactating women in African countries.

Poor people those who cannot afford to give fruits and vegetables. It is worst if the mother is also malnourished and the baby needs more nutritious food. Due to the drought conditions, organic fruits vegetables are costly and beyond the reach of common men. This result in vitamin iron deficiencies the children have retarded physical growth and show impairment in brain functions.

Approximately 10 – 15 grams moringa oleifera herb powder can be added to every 100g of breast milk or baby milk powder in order to enrich the nutritional value. It can supply vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids (protein) to the baby. They have been found to improve the growth of infants, to strong teeth and bones, healthy eyes and brain development. Growth and development of internal organs of the baby are important in this stage. This can give increased resistance to illness.

Parents should see that powder that is given is of the babies is free from GMO. It is advisable to select pure moringa oleifera leaf powder capsules. It is necessary to make sure that they buy this leaf powder from a reputable manufacturer. GMO products are suspected to cause various diseases and not recommended for babies. The products obtained from conventional farming may have insecticide, pesticide and germicide residues. Researchers found that organic products, which are free from any of these residues, can be beneficial without any side effects.

If you use a moringa based powder without petroleum additives or colors you will be able to get its complete benefits easily. Similarly, your child will also get the nutrition benefits of moringa oleifera dried leaf powder. Communities in South Africa were given training to use the leaf powder soup to their babies. Liberal minded people donate for this cause. Leaf powder usage showed improvement in the mal nourished mother and children.