Moringa for colds

moringa for colds

A common cold could refer upper respiratory infection caused by a virus that first affects the nose. But it may affect sinuses, throat, trachea, larynx, Eustachian tubes and bronchial tubes except lungs. Cold is the most common illness in the entire world and prevention lies in improving immunity. It is caused by any one of the 250 different viruses.

Most common causes of colds are known as rhinoviruses. Colds are also being known as coryza, nasopharyngitis and rhinopharyngitis. Common cold starts with mild symptoms that last only 5 to 10 days even though some extend up to three weeks. If they are caused by a different class of virus, it can exhibit more severe symptoms. In the initial stages it may resemble cold.

Normally it has been found that some vitamin rich fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C that can help to reduce cold. Garlic, fennel, moringa and tulsi, are some of the herbs that improve immunity. Among them moringa and holy basil (tulsi) leaves are commonly used in the form of moringa tea or tulsi tea. Moringa leaves powder has rich iron 50% that can improve blood circulation. This increased oxygen supply can help you to fight against cold virus in a better way.

Probiotic foods are highly effective to fight against colds. Yogurt and kefir may not be suitable for people with lactose intolerance. Due to various constituents it has been found to be beneficial against common colds. It contains zinc, vitamin C and omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids that control common cold.

Low temperature dried leaves have 86% vitamin C, this will increase absorption of iron. Regular consumption of moringa leaves was found to boost immune system. In case you take ascorbic acid through nasal passage, it showed increased absorption. People may think that vitamin C from natural sources have only ascorbic acid. In addition to ascorbic acid, the other constituents such as factor J, tyrosinase, bioflavonoid, factor K, factor P and ascorbinogen and rutin.

These compounds increase the performance of vitamin C as they also act as anti-oxidants. Mushrooms, milk and leafy green are the normal choices. But people may have allergies towards these vitamin C sources. Taking moringa oleifera leaf tea can help people to reduce further progress of colds. If the teas are taken regularly, it can help to enhance immunity.