Moringa for constipation

moringa for constipation

A rich fiber food can give relief from constipation. Fiber adds bulk to stool and it carries way the toxins easily. Constipation is responsible for various type imbalances in body organs. When the toxins remain in the body they can first cause issues in the digestive system. You will lose your sharp appetite and continuous constipation has a say in your general health.

Constipation may be a symptom or sign that indicates problem in the digestive system. Diet and physical activity plays a vital role in regularizing bowel movements. Processed foods and artificial sweetener based beverages lack fiber. Fiber has specific activity on food as it can chelate with toxins and remove them from body.

When you take more carbohydrate, your body finds difficult to add bulk to the mass to be excreted. Each part of the intestine such as small intestine, colon and stomach, has a network of nerves that controls the muscles in these organs. Researchers conducted studies identify the activity of these nerves. They found that these nerves control each other and ultimately the muscles.

Neurotransmitters are chemical compounds that nerves use to communicate with each other. When you take moringa capsules you can get the amino acids. One of the amino acid tryptophan, simple 5-HTP, or L-tryptophan supplementation may be necessary to help ease specific symptoms in digestion. Around 96% of majority of serotonin is produced in the gut. Enterochromaffin cells (EC) in the intestinal mucosa secrete serotonin. Once it is produced, it forms bonds with its specific receptors. These receptors are teemed as the 5-hydroxytryptomine receptors.

Glutathione can bring safeguarding activity for cells that arise due to oxidative stress. It is widely distributed in the mucosal cells of gastrointestinal tract of man. Researchers found that highest concentration is found in duodenum. Amount of glutathione production is dependent upon food and it varies with age. Drugs or alcohol consumption can affect glutathione concentration in the body.

Glutathione, function in a similar way as other anti-oxidants do. It stops the activity of free radical and removes an electron. When it renders free radical as harmless, it is able to prevent the damage to healthy cells and tissues in the body. Glutathione is one of the most abundant anti-oxidant in cells and liver. It is mostly stored in the proteins we consume.

Moringa leaves powder capsules increase glutathione levels in the body to improve digestion and avoid constipation. This is how moringa leaf capsules can be beneficial to improve the functions of gastrointestinal system. As it is rich source of tryptophan also, it can control serotonin levels and maintain it at the optimum levels.