Moringa for dark circles

moringa for dark circles

Your way of reducing and removing dark circles is related to the color of the under eye circles. You have option to find out the actual color of the circles. You should lower your chin slightly to witness shadows under your eyes. Then you can see clearly whether your circles are bluish or brownish.

Blue Circles

Blue circles form due to the oxygenated blood pooled beneath the soft under-eye skin. Skin in this area is thin and has high transparency. Blood flow in this area can be seen through. This is more easily visible in the morning.

In the night, we lie down in the sleeping posture for more than 6 hours. Veins will expand to bear more blood due to fluids accumulation in this time. Blue circles normally worsen with old age. In old age, we are bound to lose subcutaneous fat that can hide blue color beneath surface of skin.

Few options are used for this, which work in different ways. Low priced topical skin care formulations have caffeine. They can contract blood vessels and may show temporary result. They may not be the permanent solution for the dark circles.

Some hydrator compounds, such as hyaluronic acid, sink specific area. This is done through shoving the skin up. This will keep the skin distance away from the pooled blood under the eyes. But they are not safe for people with sensitive skin. Some mechanical tools can be used but they are not advisable for elderly persons.

Brown Circles

Brown circles can occur due to hyper pigmentation of skin. They are triggered by frequent eye-rubbing, sun exposure. They may happen due to genetics. They are most prevalent among American, Asian and African skin tones.

When you use natural herbs or oils they will be able to lighten circles over a period of four to six weeks. Moringa oil has tocopherol, vitamin E up to 18.5%. When you apply cold pressed moringa seed oil, you can get the entire benefits. Cold pressed oils are highly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

This oil can improve blood circulation when you apply it under the eyes with circular motions. It does not have any side effects. Due to the 1700 antioxidants in it, this oil can stop the activity of free radicals. They can remove fine lines and wrinkles.

It is another important point that lack of sleep can also lead to dark circles. In few occasions dark circles are signs of any other health issue in the body. When you take beta carotene rich food supplement such as moringa oleifera dried leaf powder you will get benefits. This will assist in regulating blood circulation uniformly throughout the body.

Most important is that this oil is carrier oil that penetrates deep into the skin and brings better results. Being non comedogenic oil, it does not clog the pores. Instead of trying any chemical based solution using moringa oleifera seed oil has been found to work safely for blue circles and brown circles under the eyes.