Moringa for epilepsy

moringa for epilepsy

In folk remedies and traditional medicines, moringa oleifera or horse radish tree roots were used to treat epilepsy, nervous debility and hysteria. In the native countries such as India, Srilanka and Philippines, this tree parts were traditionally used for the treatment of epilepsy and neurologic conditions. It was intended to investigate the anticonvulsant and neuro behavioral and properties with ethanolic extract of the leaves.

Neurobehavioral properties of these rats were evaluated using the hole board, open field, elevated plus maze (EPM), pentobarbitone-induced hypnosis and Y-maze tests. Picrotoxin, strychnine and pentylenetetrazole induced convulsion tests were conducted in this studies. The aim of these studies was to find the anti-convulsive actions of moringa oleifera tree produces.

Result analysis showed that leaf extract with 250-2000mg/kg can give remarkable dose dependent decrease. This has resulted in rearing, grooming, head dips and movement of animal models used in this study. It was found to increase enhanced learning and memory. This leaf extract dosage of 2000 mg/kg has been found to safeguard the rats against pentylenetetrazole induced convulsion. At the same time, it had ineffective on Picrotoxin and strychnine induced convulsion.

Effects of the leaf extract on various animal models were compared with those of the standard epileptic drugs used. These studies excluded Picrotoxin, EPM and strychnine induced convulsion in the animals. LD50 measurement obtained with respect to acute toxicity of other compounds was studied. In this study, oral route of administration of the compounds were found to be well lower than 6.4g/kg.

Results from this study suggested that ethanolic extract of moringa oleifera leaves have CNS depressant property. It also exhibited anticonvulsant activities interfering through the enhancement of central inhibitory mechanism. This activity will include release of γ-amino butyric acid (GABA). These research results confirmed the traditional use of this tree leaf extract in treating epileptic conditions.

Synthetic drugs give relief to only 20% epileptic patients but they are not without side effects. These side effects in the case of children have been found to be severe. These can cure epileptic conditions completely in negligible percentage only. Individual cases require constant monitoring with the doctors support.

They need to take foods that control the neurons and take part in the neurotransmission activity. If GABA compounds are taken in the form of foods or food supplements, they give better support for regulating neuro transmission functions in the brain. Moringa leaves powder capsules have high level of Glutamic acid. This is an active neurotransmitter substance to increase memory. Once it is converted into anti-neurotransmitter GABA, it can aid to prevent seizures.

Research studies have been conducted in rat models with epileptic induced conditions. Catalase (CAT), lipid peroxidation (LPO), superoxide dismutase (SOD) activities in the brain was studied as indirect parameters of free radical induced brain damage. Dopamine, Serotonin and nor-epinephrine levels were also analyzed biochemically in different regions of brain.

A remarkable level of reduction in lipid peroxidation, CAT and SOD activity was observed in moringa oleifera pretreated group. This was compared to the lipid peroxidation in untreated group of epileptic rats. The serotonin level in their brains was found to be elevated significantly in cerebral cortex. Dopamine and nor-epinephrine levels declined in the caudate nucleus cognitive abilities.

Cerebellum of moringa oleifera leaf extract pretreated rats was compared with untreated epileptic group. This can coordinate with changes in anticonvulsant diazepam. Moringa oleifera extract could effectively prevent activity of Ferric chloride induced epilepsy by changing free radical damage. This could regulate activity of neurotransmitters to hold down neuronal hyper excitability. You can take moringa energy capsules to get the same benefits.