Moringa for fever

moringa for fever

Fever is a raised temperature of the human body that is significantly higher than the normal temperature. In human beings, normal body temperature fluctuates daily around 98.6 degrees and goes little below that. In fever conditions the elevation is observed along with other symptoms. Burning eyes, dry lips are some of the associated symptoms with common fever. Lower body temperatures occur early morning and higher temperatures in the hot afternoon.

Body temperature varies slightly depending on where on the human body it is measured. Rectal temperature may be higher than skin temperature so oral or armpit temperature. Presence of a fever is a sign to spur body’s immune response. Fever can aid body immune system’s attempt to over infectious agents, such as viruses and bacteria. It makes unfavorable conditions for these microorganisms, which are temperature sensitive for its multiplication.

Many of the fevers may be associated with respiratory system issues also. In this case you have to take a food supplement that will help to increase immunity. Starting from common cold virus to influenza virus, most of the viruses can be active during rainy season. In hot climate, dust and common fly can cause fevers due to bacterial infections.

People are on the lookout for various ways to fight against these infections and stay healthy. Scientific researchers have proved that herbal food supplements can help to fight against these infections. The induced effects for various strains of virus and bacteria were tested on rat trials in the laboratory. Scientific researchers have proved anti-oxidant rich foods can give protection against various chronic and acute health conditions.

Among them moringa capsules have been found to be excellent food supplements due to the unique constitution. Low temperature dried leaf powder has 46 anti-oxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds. These anti-oxidants can stop the activity of free radicals by interacting with them. As they provide rich iron and vitamin C, one gets increased immunity.

In the native countries tree leaves have been used in cooking. But the nutritional value is little bit lower due to higher time and temperature used in cooking. The leaf powder can be used in the most effective way to avoid this issue. It can be added to smoothie or vegetable soup that can be taken during any sort of fever. Instead of junk food and processed foods, you can add 2-3 servings of vegetables to every meal. You can get the benefits when you use moringa energy capsules which are free from synthetic additives, preservatives or coloring agents. You can start with initial low dosage and then increase the dosage but do not take them on empty stomach.