Moringa for gallstones

moringa for gallstones

Lumps of hardened cholesterol, calcium or bile pigments can form hard structures in the gall bladder or bile duct. It is the crystallization of these substances responsible for the formation of gallstones. These crystallized substances bind to a protein fragment and build up layer by layer in a gradual way. Gallstones may not be detected until they begin to cause pain.

Symptoms range from mild discomfort in the abdominal region. If untreated it leads to severe stomach pain accompanied by vomiting, in this condition, surgery may be necessary to remove the stones or the whole gall bladder. In some cases, the symptoms may subside after the initial incidence of pain. A low-fat, high-fiber diet will support to avoid stones to reach larger size. They will detect the formation of new stones. This is the wonderful effect of fiber rich foods such as vegetables whole grains and fruits.

When a gallstone obstructs bile duct, it can cause symptoms such as abrupt onset of sharp pain. It can be experienced especially on the right side of the abdomen, nausea or vomiting, back pain. It results in indigestion, chills and clay-colored stools. Pain caused by gallstones may continue for a few minutes to several hours.

Diet will not be able to shrink the already formed stones, but small ones may be excreted into the gut. Persons with gall stones should eat more starchy foods, such as rice, bread etc. They should take more fresh fruit and vegetables for getting fiber and vitamins. Fiber rich foods will add bulk to the stools and thus remove the toxins from the body.

They should avoid fat rich foods and fasting, as this two can worsen the situation. You should definitely cut down processed foods, bad fat and heavy fat meat intake. When you drink plenty of water, calcium in the urine is diluted. In case of excess calcium intake, they crystallize and form kidney stones.

In high concentrations, water flushes out crystals and prevents kidney infections. Every one of us is likely to face gall bladder issues time to time. You can start to take moringa leaf capsules, before you reach the stage of gallbladder surgery. It will help your overall digestion, which will reduce overload to your gallbladder.