Moringa for grey hair

moringa for grey hair

Premature greying for both men and women reduces their confidence. Various researches were conducted to find remedy for premature greying. European researchers discovered a unique compound for grey and thinning hair. A topical application of a sun-activated compound called a modified pseudocatalase was found to be beneficial in reducing grey hair.

They conducted studies on the herbal products and confirmed that Allium Cepa juice is good remedy. It was found to be effective for thin and grey hair with the unique compounds in it. In the East Asian countries onion juice has been used for stopping hair loss.

Researchers found were that grey hair is caused by hydrogen peroxide accumulation at the root of hair follicles. This was identified because of the reduction activity in the natural anti-oxidant compound catalase. Apart from helping in scalp cleansing and follicles, onion juice promotes production of catalase in the body. Catalase compound has been found to prevent further graying. It can promote thick hair growth.

There are conditions, when sudden loss of natural skin color and localized hair color occurs due to acute health conditions or surgery. Under these conditions they cannot use dye colors due to the health issues. In 2009, researchers in UK found that grey hair occurrence is heavy with vitamin deficiency. Hydrogen peroxide buildup was the actual cause of hair loss and that the compound catalase could reverse grey hair.

Similar to onion juice, the moringa oil has been used by ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations. Advantage of this oil is that it has only mild nutty odor. It will create irritating sensation like onion when applied on scalp. It has rich anti-oxidants that can reduce free radicals and reduce peroxide effect. As the oil has 1700 anti-oxidants it can bring reducing power. This oil showed strong hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity and high Super-oxide Dismutase (SOD) activity.

As the oil is rich in iron, zinc, folic acid, it can promote hair to get the natural color. Cold pressed moringa seed oil can increase blood circulation to the scalp. It can enhance oxygen supply. Iron rich compounds are bound to reverse the greying of hair. Vitamin E supplementation has been found to strengthen immune system. It helps to reverse the effects of oxidative stress and reverse greying.

Due to the beneficial natural vitamins and minerals in this oil, it can help people to recover from premature greying. As this oil can penetrate easily into the skin, it can give the effect quickly. When you start to use moringa oleifera seed oil, you will get excellent benefits due to the purity. As noncomodogenic oil, it can keep the hair follicles free from clogging. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin and scalp.