Moringa for health

moringa for health

Health is important aspect in life that people desire irrespective of their age, gender economic status or race. Man was using less processed foods before industrialization. Women folk were also engaged in industrial jobs that reduced their time in household activities.

More industries emerged that manufactured various types of processed foods. Canned fruits and vegetables replaced fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed foods included petroleum based additives. This started to have say on health carbon emissions were on the increase that affected zone umbrella more deadly diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis increased.

Research institutions analyzed and conducted clinical trials about the cause of this problem. They found that lifestyle changes and healthy diet are important for increasing healthy life span. There is steady increase in organic products usage. Exercises are recommended for weight loss. When you chose healthy diet plan, you can maintain your ideal weight. Diets rich in antioxidants are selected and they have been found to prevent the activity of free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable molecules and they start to destroy cells and tissues in order to obtain stability. Anti-oxidants reduce oxidative stress by interfering with the activity. If you take for example health problems or nutritional deficiencies can damage hair and cause problems such as dandruff, split ends. Specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids are involved in keratin protein formation.

Sebaceous glands produce sebum which has mixtures of lipids, triglycerides and squalenes. Vitamin A, silica and zinc have been found to prevent drying and clogging of pores in sebaceous glands. Zinc deficiency result in DNA damage and cause hair loss. It plays vital role in protein synthesis.

Vitamin C in combination with vitamin E aids to improve blood circulation in the scalp. It is vital to maintain capillaries that carry blood onto the follicles. Similar thing occurs in skin care where the consumption of moringa tea has been found to protect skin from antibacterial and anti- inflammatory property.

Moringa oleifera leaf tea consumption has been found to improve immunity with its 46 anti-oxidants. With the 36 anti inflammatory compounds it can reduce various types of Inflammations. Polyphenols in the leaves can be easily included in your diet by using it in the tea format.

It can be taken after food and better during day time as it can improve digestion. It can increase metabolism and reduce belly fat. Research studies proved that this tea consumption has reduced blood sugar levels and increased HDL levels. WHO recommends use of moringa leaves for getting fulfilled nutrition. You can take them inform of moringa oleifera leaf tea also.