Moringa for infections

moringa for infections

Infections are conditions in which normal functions of organs are disrupted and they can affect any part of the body. This may noticed with running nose or painful inflammations. If untreated they may lead to fever and various acute health conditions.

Antibiotics and anti-bacterial drugs are normally used to fight against infections. With their antimicrobial properties, they are used for internal consumption and topical application formulations. These can treat a wide range of infections such as throat infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. Around hundreds of synthetic compounds are available as antibiotics, such as penicillin, erythromycin, tetracycline etc. Some antibiotics are used depending upon the bacteria specific activity. There are general antibiotics that have been found to treat a wider range of bacterial infections. These are known as broad-spectrum antibiotics.

There is more resistance to this category of antibiotics, in the current context. Doctors and scientists are at present restricting the use of strong antibiotics. Universities and research institutions are conducting studies on the herbs used centuries before. They found that Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used various types of mold to treat certain ailments. These primitive antibiotics offered protection against the activity of bacteria. This may be in the case external wounds or common infections. Indian Ayurvedic medicinal system used leaves paste into ointments and poultices to treat various sorts of infections. Scientists found that leaves and seeds have natural antibiotic substance known as pterygospermin.

Modern antibiotic medicine has its roots in the 1870s, Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch and other scientists. They invented that a powerful antibiotic can be used to treat a wide spectrum of bacteria types. Modern antibiotics are typically divided into two separate classes. Bacteriostatic antibiotics will function by preventing multiplication of bacteria, thus stop the infections spreading to surrounding areas. Bactericidal antibiotics function to annihilate the bacteria directly these antibiotics give quick results.

Antibiotics can be further subdivided into various families such as Cephalosporin’s. These antibiotics hold back and prevent cell walls formation in most bacteria. It can prevent the spreading of infection. Natural antibiotics are now gaining importance, which offer anti-bacterial benefits to patients. These antibiotics may be used in the form of leaf or seed extract. There are negligible side effects with organic herbal produces or the supplements. Most of the herbal products are devoid of allergies also.

Moringa oleifera leaves and seeds have been tested in research laboratories and their effect against various range of infections have been proved. Even WHO has recommended the use of this leaf powder to malnourished children and women so that they get increased immunity and nutrition. The leaf powder may be consumed in the form of capsules or moringa tea.

Due to air pollution, water pollution etc, you have to increase immunity. You can drink moringa leaf tea regularly to prevent various infections. This will be easy as this organic tea is also available in the form of tea bags that make it easy to use.