Moringa for juicing

moringa for juicing

Moringa leaf powder juices can be used to get the nutritional benefits of the leaves intact. Now let us see few of the recipes:

1/2 tsp a moringa oleifera leaf powder
2 apples
1 cucumber
4 stalks of celery
2 sapodilla sliced
juice 1/2 a lemon
a little ginger

Put all ingredients into a mixer grinder, except moringa powder. Add the powder to the bottom of your glass and pour in few drops of the green juice, with a spoon mix until it forms a paste. This will avoid undisclosed powder lumps in the juice. Then slowly add the remaining powder, stirring vigorously.

Finger millet moringa Juice

Finger millet powder 45 gms
Roasted bengal gram dal 10 gms
Coconut palm sugar 30 gms
Moringa leaves 30 gms

All powdered ingredients to be mixed well. You can add some seasonal fruit. Add the mixture to this juice and make a paste.


Whole Wheat 35 gms
Green Grain Dal 20 gms
Groundnut Seeds 10 gms
Coconut palm sugar 30 gms


Roast wheat, green gram dal /Bengal gram and groundnuts separately. Grind them and store in an air tight container. You take 60 to 70 gms of the above preparation and mix it with moringa leaf juice or any other leafy juice with addition of little hot water. Add more sugar if required.

Usage of this powder into juice can aid to fight fatigue. It gives you energy to perform the daily chores efficiently. It also supports mental concentration making it ideal to take before a workout or a long day at the office. Moringa has all B complex vitamins that play a major part in the activities of major organs. These vitamins improve the functions of enzymes and proteins that regulate various biochemical activities in the body.

Studies have proved that people who consume more protein in their diet stay healthy by maintain correct weight. The leaves have all essential amino acids, each one has specific role. Amino acids are organic compounds that play vital role in protein synthesis. Body metabolism is effective, when it is in an alkaline state. This is 7.3 on the ph scale and diet affects our body’s ph levels. Most of the processed foods are acidic and bad for ph levels, whereas foods with chlorophyll are healthy for the body. They are highly effective in reversing the ph levels in the body helping it to alkalize. Moringa tree leaves have been found to have the highest levels of chlorophyll.

Research results proved that chronic inflammation is the main cause of various diseases. These leaves act as anti-inflammatory agent. After eating processed foods and meat inflammation in the body occurs. Incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into your diet can help you to protect body from inflamed conditions. This can be suitable for people of different ethnic origin, age group and gender.

In case you take green leaves and alkaline fruit juice, your health will improve a lot. Pure moringa oleifera leaf powder can be added to the juice after the other ingredients are blended in juicer or mixer grinder. Do not use processed sugar. Instead you use coconut palm sugar or organic honey. This leaf powder gives best nutritional benefits than the fresh leaves The juices with fibre rich alkaline fruits or vegetables are tasty as well as nutritious.