Moringa for knee pain

moringa for knee pain

Knee pains are inflamed conditions resulting due to various causes. They may be caused by acute injuries to post operative conditions. Knee pain is likely to occur due to age, knee injury and arthritis conditions. Knee pain is common for sports persons and persons involved in heavy physical activity. As knees bear the entire weight of the body, obese people are likely to get knee pain.

Knee pain, may be localized or spread throughout the knee surrounding areas. It is often accompanied by physical restriction. When the knee pain is severe, doctors advise through physical examination in diagnosis of knee pain. Knee pain treatment depends on the cause and severity of the pain.

Knee pain is a problem that can start off in any one of the bony structures adjoining the knee joint. Three major bones namely tibia, fibula and femur. It may also involve knee cap, or ligaments / cartilage area of the knee. Knee pain can affect majority of people and home remedies are initially tried. But when pain becomes severe, you have to approach the doctor.

Location of the knee pain could differ depending on which structure is involved. In case of infection, the whole knee becomes swollen and painful. In the case of a torn meniscus or fracture in any knee bone could give symptoms in specific location. Severity of the pain will vary, from minor ache to severe pain.

Some other symptoms that accompany knee pain include difficulty in walking due to stiffness in knee. The victim has limping of legs due to discomfort. They will not be able to bend the affected knee. Doctor will be able to give the directions in the treatment.

The knee pain can be a dull pain or a sharp unbearable pain capable of making a person immobile. Cortisol is one of the vital hormones that are secreted heavily during stress. When the cortisol level is reduced through medicines or massage, it will reduce joint pain.

These massage oils that we use should be easily absorbed by the body. These oils should not cause allergies for soft skin. With age the skin may be soft and thin. If the massage oil need little kneading and rubbing, that can give good relief for joint pain.

In Ayurvedic practice, massage therapy is the common method of treatment for the knees. Painful knees could be massaged with plenty of unrefined massage oils such as moringa oil, sesame oil, mustard seed oil etc. This is done before subjecting knees to mild steaming. An oil massage can stimulate blood flow to the affected areas.

Oil massaging with cold pressed moringa seed oil can make muscles flexible. This can give relaxation for affected muscles Massaging of the affected knee can improve blood flow and oxygen to the joint, It has been scientifically verified that massaging can hasten knees self healing capacity. Knee massage will also help the joints to relax and take the pressure of the affected nerves which cause pain. Moringa tree seed oil can work efficiently with its Cox 2 inhibitor activity.