Moringa for lyme disease

moringa for lyme disease

Health survey results in United States showed that Lyme disease is four times more widespread than HIV infection. Lyme disease, known as borreliosis, is a relentless infectious disease. This has been found to be caused by three species of bacteria of Borrelia genus. Main bacteria responsible to cause Lyme disease in North America are Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato. The other two species spread the disease in Europe.

It was found to be a tick-borne disease, and may cause an autoimmune response. It may be considered to be a pathogen induced autoimmune disease. Earlier symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, chills and depression. It also developed symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, characteristic circular skin rash called erythema migrans. Symptoms may extend involving the joints, heart and CNS (central nervous system). Those who are affected have different symptoms depending upon the existing health status. Based upon the symptoms, doctors make wrong diagnosis as multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Lyme disease could result due to the immune response against the presence of Spirochete periplasmic flagella in tissues. Continuous presence of electromagnetic radiation causes immune system deficiencies. Lyme disease has Lyme borreliosis from infection to autoimmunity. Post Lyme borreliosis syndrome: a meta-analysis of reported symptoms. Chronic health problems in adults in proximity to high-voltage transmission lines were analyzed. Evidence for a dose-response relationship with magnetic field exposure was studied. Suppression of t-lymphocyte cytotoxicity following exposure to radiance has been evaluated from the studies.

Diagnosis and treatment of this disorder is little bit tough. The carrier vector, the deer tick, is difficult to see and bulk of the population is unaware of the disease and tick bites symptoms. Many people never know they have been bitten by the ticks. Those infected with Lyme have no recollection of a tick bite or a rash. In case the diagnosis is incorrect, then the Borrelia infection could not be properly treated. Symptoms continue and worsen the health.

Spirochete pathogen would transform itself up to thirty different forms. It has the ability to grow and reproduce quickly in all these forms. In these other forms, Spirochete periplasmic flagella exhibit resistance to various antibiotics. One third of Lyme disease patients reported high fatigue, cognitive difficulties and disturbed sleep. Even though diversity of treatments is provided, the failures in getting relief have become concern for the health care practitioners.

Various herbal products were tried and moringa oleifera leaf powder showed relief for Lyme disease conditions better than most of the herbs. It has 36 inflammatory compounds and 46 antioxidants interfere with the activity of free radicals. This can safeguard cells and tissues from free radical damage.