Moringa for pain relief

moringa for pain relief

Pain is experienced by the bodies that are associated with visible and invisible inflammatory conditions. These inflammations may be due to injuries or any acute or chronic diseases. Synthetic COX-2 inhibitors and Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are commonly used to reduce pain and inflammation. People tend to buy the drugs in the pharmacies without consulting their doctor. Only when the injuries are severe, they go to doctor.

In the year 2005, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel in United States, was able to arrive at few conclusions. Some studies confirmed that few of the COX-2 inhibitor drugs increased risk of heart attack and stroke to a considerable extent. They noticed that there is little scientific information available on the long-term safety of various analgesic drugs. FDA conducted studies on the safety of these drugs.

Few research studies are available that prove the long term and short term use of over the counter analgesic drugs. They found that short-term use of over the counter drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin and acetaminophen was good for few people. These are the commonly available drugs that people buy without doctor prescriptions. It was confirmed that frequent users face a high risk of peptic ulcers. Gastro-intestinal bleeding, liver and kidney damages.

Synthetic COX-2 inhibitors and Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs provided temporary relief for pain. Their benefits are contradicted by dangerous side effects on frequent usage. Human body can defy many aches and pains, if it gets all required nutrients. These enzymes play roles in age related joint pain or those due to workouts.

United States Department of Agriculture has studied effect of natural COX-2 inhibitors. Compounds such as kaempferol, Caffeoylquinic acid and quercetin were selected for the rat model study. Foods rich in these constituents were given to the patients with different sorts of pain. It was confirmed that patients reported pain relief and there were no long term side effects. Researchers in leading universities conducted studies on holy basil leaves, rose mary, ginger, curcumin and moringa leaves. Moringa capsules with the leaf powder were also used in animal studies.

Cox 2 inhibitor compounds in moringa leaf extract were found to relieve pain in a safe way. These compounds support body to wedge COX-2 enzyme to hamper production of prostaglandins that could cause swelling and pain. They concluded that this moringa leaves powder capsules showed remarkable pain reductions. These leaves have nutrients, which directly support body’s efforts to inhibit and adapt enzymes.