Moringa for toddlers

moringa for toddlers

Obesity and overweight related health issues in children are serious challenges for any nation. As per the survey conducted in 2013, the number of overweight children under the age of five has been estimated to be over 42 million globally. Approximately 31 million of these are living in developing countries. Eating junk food and fast food has been increasing. Under nutrition and malnutrition are proportionate with this trend.

Lack of intake of balanced nutrients leads to toxin accumulation within the body that cause chronic diseases in the course of time. Doctors and health care professionals advise to include a variety of foods in diet to get the necessary nutrients. Any single food item cannot fulfill total nourishment to the body. Adults should select right healthy food items for their children.

Nature has provided us the grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits. With the increased usage of pesticides, insecticides, synthetic chemicals were ingested into the body. People inhale chemical sprays, eat GMO foods and pass on the health issues to their offspring. Babies with birth defects and dyslexia are more common in the current era due to these chemicals. When you take organic nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits you will get all nutrients to fulfill dietary requirements.

When children do not eat adequate fruits and vegetables, they will develop vitamin deficiency. In case they take certain processed foods, the body’s storage of vitamins are used up. Young children require iron for expanding their blood volume, which occurs during periods of rapid growth. Countries which spend more of their expenditure on fruits and vegetables are able to increase their immunity as per the health survey statistics.

Iron content in leaf powder is 50%. The tree leaves are one unique plant sources of Vitamin A, B, C, D and E. They have potassium, magnesium, calcium, omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids 46 anti-oxidants and essential amino acids. Moringa capsules was used in Africa at a church where there were 6 severely malnourished children. Their stomachs were distended 10 inches and hair was turning pale. Their energy levels were found to be low.

Within three weeks of taking formula made partly out of leaf powder, remarkable improvement was noticed. The children’s stomachs flattened and hair slightly turned black. They became energetic. World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the use of leaf powder for providing nourishment to children which is available at affordable cost.

After 40 years of research in few of the malnourished countries, scientists confirmed the benefits of the leaf powder. This has been found to prevent anemia, insomnia and inflammation. It energizes body with enriched amino acids minerals and vitamins. Calcium is important for bone strength and teeth. It boosts immune system and strengthens bones. Moringa leaf powder capsules are the natural food supplement, which can be given to children once they are 7-8 months old.