Moringa for ulcer

moringa for ulcer

Peptic ulcer condition results due to the gaps in the gastric and duodenal epithelium in the stomach. This is associated with acute or chronic inflammation symptoms. It is a common gastrointestinal disorder that can get rid of temporarily. It may reoccur again unless you take proper medication and diet. Researchers are conducting clinical trials to verify the effect of such safe drugs.

Uses of natural herbal remedies in gastric ulcer have been prevalent in folk medicines in different countries. This was identified from the medicinal scriptures. Incidence of gastric ulcers in the south Asian population was found to be lower. This was found to be due to the type of staple diet consumed by people of this region. They found that one of the foods is moringa oleifera tree leaves, which are commonly used in cuisine in this region.

The effect of different strength extracts of leaves and fruits of moringa on gastric and duodenal ulcers were evaluated. They used different gastric ulcer models and cystamine-induced duodenal ulcer method. Leaf extracts moringa oleifera showed gastric ulcer healing effect in acetic acid–induced chronic gastric ulcers.

Methanol extract and acetone extract of these leaves gave gastric anti-secretory effect in pylorus ligation induced rat models. It showed protective effect in induced gastric ulcers. They lowered stress-induced gastric ulcers and cystamine-induced duodenal ulcers. It was concluded that leaves could increase healing with respect to gastric ulcers. They are capable of preventing development of induced gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers in rats.

Development and increase in gastric ulcer can be due to the type of the food consumed. Spicy food, fatty food, or caffeine rich foods stimulate acid secretion in the stomach. Fiber rich foods such as potatoes, bananas, peas and beans, can reduce development of duodenal ulcers in humans. When you take organic fruits and vegetables you can avoid several toxins that can affect your digestive system.

You can use moringa leaf powder in your diet plan through various ways. You can add a tablespoon of leaf powder to the vegetable soup and boil it for 5 minutes more. This ensures you to get the all nutrients intact. You can add this powder to smoothies and juices.

When you prepare cake or cookies dough, you can add this leaf powder. You can take them in water or with honey. It is not advisable to take them with milk as the milk proteins will interfere with the activity of pure moringa oleifera leaf powder. You can use your creativity to include this food supplement in your recipes.