Moringa galactagogue

moringa galactagogue

Galactagogue and lactation herbs are necessary in specific physiological conditions and after some surgical procedures in women. Obesity in women has lead to low prolactin response resulting in milk supply. It may arise when the mother does not allow the baby to suckle frequently. In some cases, mental issues may also be responsible for this condition.

Women who undergo caesarian surgery face this issue quite frequently. When the mother has already undergone some breast surgery conditions the milk production is affected. Sometimes mother may be in poor nutrition and they should get galactogues that nourishes them while increasing milk production.

Babies were found to be sensitive to fenugreek as they may get gas troubles. Diabetes cannot use fenugreek due its activity. Oats may have gluten as both common allergens for both mothers and babies. Many galactagogue have side effects. Some of them have compounds which promote blood flow to the uterus and Interfere with uterus functions.

Normally these women will respond to foods herbal supplements, medications, etc, that increase your milk supply. People who are prolactin responsive are prone to secrete more milk with heavy galactogues usage that is not advisable. Safe herbal galactogues are the ones, which can be used for several weeks without any contraindications. When selecting a galactogues, babies’ health is also taken into account. In Philippines, two small studies were conducted to analyze the effect of moringa leaves on infants and lactating mothers.

Moringa capsules contains vitamins, minerals, and all the 9 essential amino acids. They are rich in unique glycosides that are responsible for their activity. In Asia, it is given to lactating mothers as folk remedy. It was found to be safe for babies as they offer nutrients for their growth. It has calcium, B complex vitamins that can be beneficial for infant’s bones and nervous system. Moringa leaf powder capsules are the ideal ones for consumption as the women will get entire benefits easily.