Moringa leaf powder for skin care

moringa leaf powder for skin care

Anti-oxidants in moringa leaf powder can make your skin revitalized by controlling activity of free radicals. Free radicals cause your age marks on skin because they can create cell and tissue damage. Once you take moringa oleifera herb powder, it supplies 46 anti-oxidants. Moringa leaves have cleansing ability to your skin youthful and radiant. Collagen in skin makes your skin elastic and flexible. Keratin gives strength and rigidity to the skin. These 2 compounds are built in the body from available sulfur. Being rich in sulfur based amino acid methionine; moringa leaves are really good for your skin.

Research studies show that moringa seeds/leaves extract has skin purifying properties. It is used in the cosmetic industry with other beneficial herbs in the formulation of age defying and anti-aging products. Impurities in the skin are pulled out, and your skin is rejuvenated and detoxified. Moringa leaves can be used as a face mask by making a paste with bentonite. It can enhance natural skin tone and improve complexion.

It can make babies’ skin soft, and exhibits a soothing effect. Moringa seeds and leaf extract are capable of protecting the skin from heavy metal pollution and cigarette smoke. It is widely used in sunscreen creams for this purpose. Make up removers and deep cleansing creams use them as a common ingredient. Instead of leaf extracts, the leaf powder is used in these personal care product formulations. Leaf powder has equal level of nutrients and some of the nutrients are more than the fresh leaves.

A research study conducted on skin tumor prevention with consumption of moringa seedpod extracts. In this study using rat models, where suitable positive and negative controls were applied, and a significant reduction in skin papillomas was identified. Moringa leaves paste in water is used for treating skin infections due to its antiseptic activity.

Vitamin D based creams have been found to reduce the amount of inflammation and irritation in psoriasis patients. Vitamin C aids to protect skin from the harmful UV rays. It can get rid of signs of aging with its role in body’s natural collagen synthesis. Vitamin E absorbs harmful UV radiation from sun when applied topically. Photo protection with vitamin E improves the body’s ability to minimize the radiation effects. It can also treat skin inflammation.

Vitamin K is used in skin care formulations for removing scars, stretch marks, scars and dark circles under eyes. Vitamins, amino acids and proteins from natural organic sources can improve skin health. Moringa dried leaf powder has high level of vitamins C, D, E and K, which increases healthy life span. Rich Omega 3, 6 fatty acids in this powder can protect vital organs of the body including skin. With regular intake of leaf powder, your body will be able to fight against skin infections in an effective way.