Moringa Oil

                                                      Moringa Oil

Moringa oil possess high nutrients and application value but is not widely known. First recorded study on the composition of the oil was carried out in 1848 which disclosed a fatty acid with a high melting point. Due to the behenic acid, this oil received its commercial name. A number of studies have been carried out to determine the composition and characteristic features of this oil. A lot of researchers are discovering about the use of this oil for new applications in different fields.Cold pressed moringa seed oil produced is pale yellow in color, non-drying with a mild nutty flavor. The seed kernel contains on average 40% by weight oil. Due to its density and unique properties, it finds use as thin film lubricant for light weight machinery that include calculators, watches etc. This oil has been used in effleurage process used in the fragrance extraction from flower petals. This oil finds use in fragrance manufacturing industry and personal care product formulations.

Levels of tocopherol in this oil (PKM 1 seeds) as determined by HPLC to identify the loss of vitamin E. Levels of R-tocopherol, γ-tocopherol and δ-tocopherol in the non-degummed oil were 134.42, 93.70 and 48.00 mg/kg, respectively. Levels of this tocopherol in the degummed oil were reduced to 110.00, 81.63, and 41.00 mg/kg. It showed reduction of 18.17, 12.89, and 14.59% in the R-, γ- and δ-isomers of tocopherol, respectively in cold pressed oil. This reduction in the level of tocopherol is attributed to the degumming of the oils, because most of the steps involved during processing and storage reduce the level of tocopherol.

Crude oil may contain solid metallic particles and other impurities. These can be removed by allowing the oil to stand for few hours and then filtering the oil by gravity using fine cloth. It has emollient property to make the pores in the skin to become smaller. It has vitamin E level equivalent to olive oil. It has pale yellow in color, nondrying with a characteristic nutty flavor. Seed kernel gives an average of 40% by weight oil yield with cod press process. The oil has 1700 antioxidants that make it next beneficial oil apart from olive oil.

Moringa oleifera seed oil benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory property
  • Antiseptic property
  • Anti-aging activity
  • It can recover skin natural glow and health.
  • Degrade free radicals
  • Skin / Hair nutrition
  • Detoxification and cleansing
  • It can protect skin from pollutants
  • Acts against wrinkles, pimples, black heads and acne

The oil can be beneficial to get rid of psoriasis, eczema, red rashes. It doesn’t clog the pores and makes pores to look smaller. It can remove the clogging particles in skin pores and keep them clean. This oil may be applied on these areas and left for 30 minutes. Then you can use a mild natural soap to clean the area. Regular usage will bring relief even for people with sensitive skin as this oil can give relief to bacterial and fungal infections. This oil can be gently massaged into the scalp and left for 1 hour. Then you can clean your hair with organic mild shampoo. This oil lock the moisture in and provides nutrients to hair follicles.

Oil secretion and control in the skin may be one of the important factors that decide skin type. Irrespective of the skin type, it can retain to maintain the elasticity. This is possible due to collagen and elastin level in skin. Both of these are proteins which constitute connective tissue in the body. They work together to create skin strength, firmness, and shape. Their depletion due to various factors cause visible signs in the form of facial wrinkles. This cold pressed oil with Vitamin C, B, E and phyto estrogens can increase collagen and elastin production.

Total unsaturated fatty acids accounted for more than 76%. This oil is characterized by a high content of oleic acid (71%) and belongs to the oleic acid oil category. There are equal amounts of palmitic (C16:0) and behenic (C22:0) acids of about 6.40%. The oil has only trace amounts of other fatty acids such as linoleic acid and gadoleic acids. The fatty acid composition of the PKM 1 oil is similar to that of Moringa oleifera – M.bololo variety seed oil. There was no significant difference in fatty acid composition of those oils extracted by the three methods. This oil has C18:1, less C18:2, more C22:0 and saturation levels similar to olive oil.

We offer this seed oil at whole sale prices to various global locations. Organic Veda manufactures cold press oil by screw compressing PKM1 seeds to retain the benefical nutrients of this oil. We exercise special care to avoid usage of synthetic chemicals or irradiation. Moringa oleifera seeds are procured from our organic farms located in Western Ghats. We also get them through fair trade farming. This oil can be used for marinades and sauteing.