Moringa oil for acne

moringa oil for acne

Acnes have been creating painful cysts and spoiling a person’s look and one of the natural remedies is moringa oil. We can see how this oil changing levels of hormones in teenagers due to the increase in hormone levels. Oil from skin products, such as moisturizers and make-up, or grease in the workplace can cause issues. Irritants in the environment, such as air pollution or humid conditions can aggravate acnes. Squeezing or picking blackheads, whiteheads or spots and scrubbing the skin may worsen the situation. Stress and genetic conditions may also add up the flare. In order to overcome that you should avoid chemical based cosmetics.

At this juncture, the acne causing bacteria enters the follicle. Acne occurs when sebaceous glands in skin follicles become overactive sebum is the oily substance that helps to prevent the skin from drying out. A person with acne produces too much sebum. This forms a plug with dead skin cells and blocks follicles depending upon the position, black heads and white heads can occur. Bacteria infect the plugged follicles. In this condition the surrounding skin becomes red. This will create pus leading to spots nodules and cysts.

Cold pressed moringa seed oil regulates sebum secretion and oil control is important as excess oil secretion may complicate acne. It exhibits pore minimizing, emollient property and clean the clogged pores. It can stay near the pores and protect the skin from the bacterial and fungal infections. Moisturizes dry skin and keeps it soft and supple.

This oil has highly beneficial properties that include

  • may help relieve itch
  • lightens skin tone
  • has vitamins A, C, E
  • omega 6,9 fatty acids

With its high omega fatty acids, it can control the production of leukotrine, B 4 a molecule that can increase sebum and cause inflammatory acne.

Reason for getting acne

High make up, sweat, smog, dust, dirt all result in pore clogging, if they are not washed out in the proper way. It does relieve itch and controls the oil secretion. It can prevent pimples by functioning as antiseptic. As this oil extracted through cold press process is alcohol free it can be ideal for people with sensitive skin also.

Stimulated cell regeneration and skin renewal can give natural glow to face as the oil secretion is regulated. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry skin, improves skin elasticity and gives suppleness. Antibacterial and anti-acne properties of this moringa oleifera seed oil have been well recognized and hence it is used as a major ingredient in moisturizing lotions, anti-aging creams etc.