Moringa oil for eczema

moringa oil for eczema

Eczema is a common term that denotes several different types of skin swelling. It is also called dermatitis mostly these conditions give rise to red, swollen and itchy patches in skin. Pollutants, allergies and your genetic constitution are the factors that are responsible for eczema. These conditions are not contagious.

Common type of eczema, atopic dermatitis can arise at any age. It is an allergic condition that can occur as primary. Infants easily develop this condition that makes their skin dry and itchy. It is possible to prevent few types of eczema by avoiding irritants, stressful conditions and allergens. It can occur anywhere in the body but sweating areas.

In babies, a rash appears on the face and scalp that irritates them. In younger children, a rash appears in the folds of elbows and knees. In teen agers, a rash appears on the hands and feet. One of the most helpful things you can do is to prevent severity of infection. You can keep skin moisturized to avoid building up of folds and cresses.

After a bath, you can gently pat skin with soft towel and then apply moisturizer on the damp skin. Creams or body butters exhibit higher moisturizing effect than lotion due to the thickness. If necessary, you can use moisturizer once a day or frequently. Moisturizer with herbs can be applied to face and entire body.

Non comedogenic oil for eczema

When the skin pores are large and clogged, bacteria virus stay there due to the dirty condition. If you keep the pores small and keep them moisturized, it can be cleaned easily. You have to apply oil that keeps the skin moisturized. If it exhibits antibacterial property, this oil can protect your skin in any further occurrence.

People who are sensitive to rough fabrics or non gold ornaments should avoid them. Chemicals in soaps, perfumes may create chronic skin conditions. It will be nice to use soft fabrics such as 100% cotton clothing. Use mild laundry detergent with no dyes or perfumes. Scratching with nails can worsen the rash conditions leading to infection. In case of eczema caused by an allergy, you should avoid the trigger.

Eczema treatment

Type of treatment will depend on severity of the conditions, and the affected area. Eczema treatment can be taken in 2 ways. They can be topical applications in the form of creams or ointments. Antihistamines taken in the oral form may help to relieve the itch. But synthetic histamines will not cure eczema completely for all persons. Moringa oil has anti-oxidants that can stop activity of free radicals by interacting with them.

Natural herbs or oils can function as immuno modulators and they can be used in topical application. They have been found to be effective for eczema conditions in children. As this rich in vitamin E can nourish skin and safeguards skin from climatic extremities. Due to benefits of moringa oleifera oil, it can be used alone or used personal care formulations. With the 1700 anti-oxidants, this oil provide relief to the itching and painful situation.