Moringa oil for hair loss

moringa oil for hair loss

Hair loss may be due to various reasons. Conditions such as dandruff also cause hair loss. Hot oil treatment may be beneficial. Massage with suitable oil such as moringa oil regularly will give best results. It should penetrate deep into the scalp. Start massaging this oil circular motion around the temples area then extends this to the entire scalp. Then add little more oil to your fingers for massaging whenever necessary. First let us analyze property of the oils before using them. This oil has rich antioxidants and it is light. It spreads evenly and penetrates deep into scalp.

With its efficiency in increasing blood flow to hair follicles, it can give rich benefits such as good sleep, increased energy etc. Massaging include rubbing, gentle patting and giving slight pressure to the scalp with fingers and palms. Scalp massage with this oil can provide, increased blood flow to the surface of the scalp. This is the reason why individuals suffering from hair loss are switching over to massage.

Massaging can strengthen the roots and stop hair loss. It can lower down stress and gives relief to headaches. It can aid in improving blood circulation to the scalp and more blood flow ensures increased oxygen supply. Kneading during a massage warms the skin and opens up the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow to the hair follicle will result in increased nutrient intake.

All hair follicles need an adequate supply of nutrients in order to grow. Rubbing with cold pressed moringa seed oil during a massage promotes relaxation and aids in stress reduction. When the cortisol level is level gets reduced, it can induce brain to function more efficiently. Productivity levels have been found to improve with re energized brain functions.

Using vitamin E rich oil for scalp massage against hair loss is capable of reforming 3 different tasks. They are reconditioning of scalp, hair root and hair shaft resulting in increased hair growth. The massage oils can lower down conditions that interfere with hair growth, that include dry skin and dandruff. Massaging with non comedogenic oil can lower the brittle, split end hair conditions of the hair strands.

Researchers conducted a randomized sample, seven month trials at Scotland United Kingdom which involved eighty-six persons affected by alopecia areata. Their goal was to track the aromatherapy effects in those persons. Alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition in which hair loss is visible on scalp It may affect some parts of the human body. This oil has been widely used in aromatherapy for its spreading capacity and rich vitamin E content.

Apart from increasing blood flow in the scalp and it can accelerate healthy hair growth, massage method can soothe scalp, thereby preventing headaches as well as improving sound sleep. Massaging acupoints on the scalp, and customizing massage treatment to individuals, can improve their general health. Due to the anti-oxidant properties, moringa oleifera seed oil can arrest hair loss and prevent damaging scalp infections.