Moringa oil for keloids

moringa oil for keloids

Keloids are scars that become enlarged due to abnormal growth of fibrous tissues especially in the head and facial portions of the body. It is common among few races such African tribal people. It has been found that application for various anti-oxidant based products have been used as folk remedies for treating keloids. Keloids are mild skin bumps that develop as a swelling at the back of head or back of the ears. It results due to infection and as it is not hereditary, it can be cured easily.

It starts as scratches and gradually with time develops into bumps. Dermatologists found that keloids are caused by fungi infection. If a young child is infected with keloids, it can grow bigger during the adulthood of the child. Symptoms are visible as uneven bumps appearing on the victim’s head at the back side. Itching starts initially that may lead to continuous scratching by the victim. Since it grows mainly on the skin of the head, care must be taken in curing it and surgery is not advisable.

With herbal home remedies, it reduces in size gradually. Within a month or two it will finally get eliminated. The affected spot is washed cleanly with hot water, and then a clean towel is dipped into a mixture of lime juice, potash powder, pure honey, palm kernel oil and aloe vera gel. The soaked towel can be used again to press down on the bump without intermission for about ten minutes. This towel massaging activity should be repeated twice a day and regularly. You can substitute palm kernel oil with moringa oil that can be more beneficial for your skin.

A period of two months is mandatory for getting results. After the home remedy treatment, honey and fruits should be taken regularly. This will help to increase immunity and remove toxins from body. Radiation therapy can also be used, in which keloids tumor is exposed to high temperature for a period. It is given for victims in 10-30 age group and no drugs are used in this therapy. Patient should avoid alcohol, meat, pepper and tobacco usage during the course of treatment. When the tumor has reduced remarkably, strict hygienic life style should be adopted to avoid further complications.

It seems that the environment plays vital role development of the disease especially disease in genetically susceptible individuals. Several genes have been identified to take part in the etiology of keloids disease, but no single gene mutation has thus far been found to be responsible. The anti-oxidant and vitamin rich oils, herbs can be used as home remedy can reduce the keloids. Cold pressed moringa seed oil can be used instead of palm kernel oil as it has rich antioxidants vitamin A, C and E. This oil penetrates deep into the skin and provides excellent results.