Moringa oil properties

moringa oil for cold season

Moringa oil from moringa oleifera seeds could be obtained using solvents extraction and enzymatic process. Solvent extraction yielded 31% by weight of the seeds. This oil possesses unsaturated ben acid with triunsaturates (43.7%) and diunsaturates (36.7%). It is liquid at room temperature with a low melting point of 20.5’C. It is pale yellow in color with yellow and red indices of 6.1Y + 0.7R, respectively and is non-drying. It has a mild and pleasant nutty flavor similar to that of peanut oil.

Oleic acid (67.9%) is the most prominent fatty acid similar to olive oil. Other fatty acids include palmitic (7.8%), linoleic (1.1%), stearic (7.6%), behenic (6.2%), arachidic (4.0%), palmitoleic (1.5%), linoleic (0.2%), eicosenoic (1.4%), lignoceric (1.3%) and a trace of myristic (0.1%) acids. Saponifiable matter and unsaponifiable matter values were found to be 164 and 0.74, respectively. The solid fat content (SFC) values obtained at 0 and 25’C are 10.3 and 0 (zero solid content). Cold pressed moringa seed oil had the highest content of g-tocopherol.

This oil is extracted from quality seeds through cold press process using screw compression. The temperature should not be more than 45’ c -49’c. This will help to retain the nutrients of seed oil. Not like the organic solvent extraction, where oil is recovered as free oil, enzymatic extraction produces oil in 3 forms: free oil, emulsified oil and oil in skim. This makes separation tough.

Properties of this oil, makes it suitable for its various applications. With its high vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K and minerals, it can nourish skin follicles. Due to its density it is used for thin film lubrication in delicate machinery such as watches, calculators etc. It provides vitamins and minerals to skin and scalp. As it possesses anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, it can protect skin and scalp from various types of infections.

Normally plant oils do not have composition similar to olive oil but this oil has unsaturated fatty acids that make them suitable edible applications. It has high stability and used in various personal care products. This oil is ideal for people with sensitive skin. As it has emollient property, it can safeguard skin from adverse climates and atmospheric pollutants. It can carry the mild fragrances also with low melting point and constituents. Therefore moringa oleifera seed oil has been used in perfumery manufacture as carrier oil.