Moringa oil shampoo

moringa oil shampoo

Moringa oil has been used in hair care product formulations due to the constitution of this oil. It has unique composition and most of the properties are due to fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. For shampoo formulations this oil is selected as the base, because it is

  • eco friendly naturally organic
  • adds shine to hair deep moisturizer
  • beneficial for hair and scalp condition
  • natural conditioner encourages tresses growth
  • stop thinning hair

When you use cold pressed moringa seed oil shampoo for damaged or dry hair, it can smoothen hair. It acts by reducing frizz, and impart natural glow to skin. It is excellent for long hair, thick hair or hair that’s otherwise easily tangled. You can massage this oil gently into the scalp and leave it for 1- hour. Then you can apply this oil based shampoo.

It is light weight, making it perfect for hair massage. You can use shampoo on hair when it’s wet, before coming out the tangles. You can also use this oil based dry conditioner also. This oil based products will stop hair loss and give natural shine to hair. The product penetrates into the scalp so that it doesn’t leave hair greasy or oily.

Thin hair is more susceptible to static electricity and wind, which are both major contributors to tangled hair. Rough combing chemical hairspray, hair gels can also cause serious tangling, resulting in hair loss. When static electricity activity is high, a moisturizing shampoo helps to add a little moisture. This seed oil can reduce the static effects.

It will not become dry in case you wash your hair with one of these nutrient-rich shampoos, or moisturize your hair with herbal ingredients. When you use costly chemical based shampoos, they wind up down the drain. These chemicals are not only harmful to your hair but also to the environment. In order to get value added benefits you can take moringa leaf powder to your regular diet.

This oil, works as moisturizer and it doesn’t help make hair grow. It works along with other herbal ingredients used in shampoo. Shampoos with sulfates, parabens, synthetic chemical preservatives and additives may finally end up in dry hair. For both men and women, it will be nice to stop smoking, drinking, dyeing or perming to get voluminous and glowing hair. You can use moringa oleifera seed oil based shampoo safely on sensitive scalp also.