Moringa Personal Care

Moringa Personal Care

Organic Veda Moringa manufactures moringa personal care products with moringa oil and other essential oils and herbs. Our products include skin care, hair care and therapeutic products. Our personal care products have moringa oil as important ingredient in combination with coconut oil. Jojoba oil and sesame oil of organic origin. Various herbs are included in these formulations as they contribute to specific body care properties. Rich nutrients and necessary vitamins in this oil can be effective in skin cells rejuvenation, healthier hair, wrinkle reduction and can remove skin blemishes.

Moringa Anti aging face oil

ORGANIC VEDA moringa anti aging face oil is a 100% natural advanced plant based formula penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin and truly works efficiently to bring out the beauty in you. It counteracts premature skin aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and reduces the pores. It gives skin a natural glow and helps to restore skin tone, smoothes out wrinkles. For a truly effective, strong, supple, moisturized and firm young skin use regularly ORGANIC VEDA moringa anti aging oil.

Moringa anti-aging cream

Age related marks on the skin are due to the action of free radicals. As moringa oil is rich in anti-oxidants, they can interact with free radicals and stop their activity. Age related wrinkles and fine lines could be prevented by regular application of this cream.

Moringa turmeric soap

Moringa turmeric soap is one of the gentle herbal soap, ideal for all types of skin. With the anti-aging properties of moringa oil, it stimulates skin, remove wrinkles. It has turmeric oil, ylang-ylang oil, sesame oil and other beneficial herbs. It can protect skin from acne and rash. It exhibits antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits.

Moringa virgin coconut soap

Moringa oil and coconut oil has antioxidants to fight against free radicals. Once the activity of free radicals activity is stopped the age related skin marks will start to diminish. Regular usage of moisturizing lotion can keep the skin hydrated. Moisture retention is important for the skin to maintain complexion, glow and softness of skin.

Salient features of our personal care products

Parabens are petroleum based products that can product chronic skin conditions on the prolonged usage. Ammonia lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate are harsh and dry the scalp. This will cause irritation of scalp and may not fit for people with sensitive skin and scalp. Synthetic coloring agents and flavors are also derived from coal tar products. We avoid use of artificial flavors and colors so as to provide benefits of natural herbs to the consumers.

We ensure all our personal care products are free from parabens, artificial coloring agents, flavors, starch, sugar, gluten and GMO. We exercise strict quality control measures in every stage starting from farming until packaging of our quality personal care products.