Moringa Products

Moringa Products

Moringa products include leaf powder, capsules, tea and personal care products. Moringa leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fiber. When you consume these products your organs get energy without the side effects of other energy booster chemicals. As they are from natural sources our body can absorb them. When you consume moringa products you get the benefits of vitamins such beta carotene, kaempferol, niacin, ascorbic acid the combination of vitamins will give best benefits than individual vitamins moreover when you consume this leaf powder or capsules you can get all the vitamins from a single source iron and vitamin C.

Moringa oil skin care products

When the leaf powder is consumed regularly you overall health will improve. Usage of moringa oil based skin care products will give the benefits of antioxidants against free radicals responsible for various skin issues. Similarly moringa personal care products offer a combination of vitamin A and C that gives youthful look to skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Due to the antibacterial property, they can protect the skin and vitamin E can provide nourishment to skin cells.

Moringa leaf products

Leaf powder has been found to be beneficial for health conditions such as Athletes foot, dandruff, gum diseases, gingivitis, stomach, intestinal ulcers, warts and wounds. Researchers proved their effects in asthma, stomach pain, diarrhea, arthritis joint pain, heart problems, cancer, epilepsy, constipation, diabetes and high blood pressure etc.,. It can support people suffering with bacterial, thyroid disorders, kidney stones, viral, fluid retention, fungal and parasitic infections.

Few research trials have been conducted to know the nutritional value of dried leaves and fresh leaves. It was surprising to know that dried leaves have twice the nutrients than the fresh leaves. It boosts the immune system as a nutritional supplement. They have lots of vitamins and minerals dried moringa leaves bark flowers fruit seeds and root are used to make medicine in traditional medicinal systems. Moringa leaf powder could serve as excellent food supplement by supplying minerals such as selenium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron and magnesium. They could fulfill the requirements of a balanced diet.

Moringa products have been recently receiving great attention as the leaf powder and capsules are found to be the best viable solution against malnutrition. Non Governmental Organizations are propagating the use of moringa leaf powder based recipes. Capsules have been distributed to the poor children suffering from malnutrition. UNESCO, FAO, World Health Organization, UN and many others have programs promoting the use of moringa to treat pregnant, children and lactating women.

As these capsules and leaf powder are rich in vitamin A and C, the vision loss in poor children could be eradicated. Majority of African countries suffer severely due to prevalent drought. In these countries, poor women and children suffer to a great extent due to malnutrition related health issues. The affordable price of moringa capsules and leaf powder can motivate more donors to donate for this noble cause. Crushed moringa leaves are available in dry powder that may be stored on shelf for years without loss of nutrients. This leaf powder can be added to various types of staple diet to get the health benefits.

The brewing of moringa tea should be added the loose leaf tea or tea bags should be done as per the instructions so as to retain the nutritional value of the ingredients. We also offer various blends of herbal teas with moringa leaf powder as the major ingredient. These blends could increase body metabolism while bringing safety weight loss. These tea blends are free from caffeine, they can provide energy and improve mental alertness.

Organic Veda has advanced equipment’s and necessary infrastructure. No irradiation is used and they are carefully tested in our quality control department. These include moringa leaf powder and capsules with this powder as the sole ingredient. Leaves are low temperature dried and free from synthetic additives, colorants, gluten, starch and GMO. During manufacture of these products, uniform temperature is maintained and high sanitation practices are followed. We are certified on European Union, USDA and Indian Organic standards.