Moringa tea for acne

moringa tea for acne

You can take moringa tea instead of consuming soda or corn syrup that will help you to solve various skin problems. Let us discuss in detail about the causes of acne and how your diet can have impact on that. Your food habits also may reflect on that. Some of the beverages you commonly consume may give health issues as well as skin problems. When you eat junk food they create more toxins in the body, liver kidney, skin and lungs try to remove the toxins from the body. Stress is another reason for secretion of high level of toxins.

It has been found that our skin absorbs about 94% of the topical applications. Synthetic chemicals and petroleum based products are found in personal care products. These are bound to create long term health effects. Research studies are going on about the safety for human usage. Some of the banned chemicals are also used in cosmetics. You should select only natural herbal products for your skin care. You can remove heavy make up with natural oils.

Human skin has several layers and they are connected by each other with hypodermis. Acne is skin condition that affects the sebaceous glands found in the outer layer (epidermis). These glands produce sebum, a mixture of natural wax and oils. This can lubricate the outer skin layer and prevents excess water loss from the body.

The sebum travels to the skins surface through a skin pore. Male and female sex hormones have impact on sebaceous glands. Male sex hormone testosterone encourages the size and activity of sebaceous glands. Female hormones reduce their size and activity. Testosterone also activates cells that line the pore to produce a protein known as keratin.

Acne is found to be associated with high testosterone. This can trigger secretion of sebum in large quantity. People with oily skin face more acne issues more during their adulthood. Problem occurs due to the increase in testosterone levels. This will increase production of keratin, which binds with sebum to block the enlarged pore. Then it will become a visible as an enlarged, inflamed pore.

These swollen blocked pores become infected due to bacteria and toxins present in the pore. As they are unable to escape from the skin, they are entrapped in the pore. This will result in a boil type of lump, which gives pain also. Then the surrounding skin becomes damaged and leaves ugly scars. When you take a natural detoxifying beverage such as moringa oleifera herbal tea, it can relieve constipation.

Nutritional value of the moringa leaves improve blood circulation. Even when you take occasionally big meal, this tea can improve digestion. It helps the body organs to function more efficiently. Therefore the free radicals activity is stopped and skin also gets benefited through this. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin E, and glutathione are important for healthy skin. This amino acid helps to clear acne by balancing blood sugar levels and stabilizes stress responses; they have positive effect on intestinal health.