Moringa tea for asthma

moringa tea for asthma

Ancient Greek, Roman and Indian alternative medicinal systems classified human beings to represent four elements of nature. Air fire, earth and water are the 4 basic elements and people represented the characteristics of these elements in their appearance, behavior etc. In diseased conditions, there will be imbalance in these humors. These physicians give customized medicines to suit the body of each individual.

Phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric, melancholic were the 4 humors as defined by these medicinal systems. People classified under phlegmatic type are more susceptible for asthmatic attacks. In small children, treating asthmatic symptoms such as cough, wheezing are also important so as to prevent severe lung conditions.

Dry cough will reduce and people will regain normal conditions. Clinical study results on moringa oleifera reveal that it could reduce severity of asthmatic symptoms. This showed simultaneous improvement of lung function standards.

They studied effects of moringa tree leaves on four basic symptoms of bronchial asthma. These symptoms included painful breathing, chest tightness, wheezing and cough. Results proved that all symptoms on the whole got reduced significantly.

According to alternative medicinal systems theory, obstructive breathing in the lungs is the initial stages. Research studies support effectiveness of moringa oleifera to reduce symptoms of bronchial asthma. Results based on hematological parameters that majority of patients showed significant increase in their Hb values. Leave intake has been found to improve FVC and FEV1 features. Forced vital capacity is useful index of lung function. Forced expired volume in one second is accurate measure of how fast one can expirate and full lungs could be emptied.

Allergies give problems in the body to indicate that the allergen contact should be stopped. You can take moringa tea regularly to get nutrients and antioxidants easily. Moringa oleifera leaves have been found to increase histidine that reduces allergic reactions.

Human body utilizes histidine to make histamine, which reduces sensitivity to various allergens. Your body will not produce all the histamine you need. This amino acid in these leaves can also enhance uptake of few minerals such as zinc. This process will inhibit the absorption of copper, a popular allergen.

Statistics revealed remarkable increase in lung volumes and lung flow rates. Subsequent improvement in respiratory functions, were recorded. There was absence or any remarkable effect during the course of study suggests safety of drug in the used dosage. Further, hematological levels showed enhancement in Hb levels. Detailed clinical and experimental studies on moringa oleifera leaf tea usage are yet to be undertaken to investigate its mechanism of action.