Moringa tea laxative

moringa tea laxative

You may wonder about the usage of laxative in medical diagnosis for diseases. Constipation is the major problem daunting the body to create chronic and acute conditions. If toxins are removed from the body, the root cause of the diseases can be easily traced out. In alternative medicinal systems, they give first preference to detoxification in the body. These practitioners analyze the symptoms again. Then, they give appropriate medicine to cure the specific illness completely. They lay down diet plan with lifestyle changes. More people now prefer herbal products, which are devoid of side effects.

Herbs from plant kingdom have been used for centuries together in different traditional medicinal systems. Healthy life span is reported in most of the places where these systems are practiced. India, China and Arabian countries have been using herbal laxatives to induce removal of toxins from the body. Moringa oleifera flower juice is used in treating urinary tract issues. Flowers taken as tea are used as a remedy for cold in folk medicine.

Slimming diets with herbal teas are normally safe. These natural products function by giving a mild laxative effect. Majority of dieters using these teas feel fatigue and soreness. This is a result of the herbal constituents shred important minerals from the body and not only fats. So it’s important that you replenish your body with the lost nutrients to get energy. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the body organs to function efficiently.

Moringa leaves are different from other strong laxatives especially Senna based products. In case you have abdominal pain or diarrhea or, senna usage should be avoided. They are not recommended for prolonged usage due to their strong activity. Senna based teas are not suitable for every individual. But moringa tea can be taken safely except during pregnancy. Constitution of the leaves can regulate functions of vital organs in the body.

When you suddenly start a diet plan, your body will struggle to adapt to the abrupt changes. It gives rise to anxiety, fatigue and irresistible sugar cravings. Your body will not know when and where to get amino acids, phyto chemicals, nutrients, vitamins that it normally gets. You may be confused about nutritional deficiency in your body. You will develop anxiety, cravings and finally fatigue due to these deficiencies. Before you start your new diet, you can take leaf powder every day for 2 weeks.

You can use this tea for laxative benefits if you are not taking any other medication. You can have moringa oleifera herbal tea after breakfast, in the afternoon, an hour after your lunch. This will be help in better digestion of the heavy food during lunch. It is not advisable to take this tea after 6 pm in the evening. It can identify toxins and remove them in the mild way. But when you take the tea after breakfast you can be safe even if your body cannot with stand the effect of strong laxatives.