Moringa tea to quit smoking

moringa tea to quit smoking

Quitting smoking can be now safely achieved with supplements that do not give any side effects. The first thing to do is to stop sedentary lifestyle by doing regular exercise and adhere to a healthy balanced diet. In addition to that you have to avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine. You have to eat organic vegetables. Certain foods that give us the feeling of fullness and your intention to take a cigarette after smoking get diminished. Moringa tea and few other omega 3 fatty acid rich foods can help in this aspect. These can repair DNA damage caused by smoking and other toxic exposures.

They can increase serotonin levels in brain. Normal body functions, physical activity, and lifestyle habits, such as smoking, can release free radicals, which attack healthy cells and tissues. If our healthy cells become weak, they are more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease and certain types of chronic diseases. Anti-oxidants, such as beta carotenoids, vitamins C, E and lutein in this tea aid to protect healthy cells from damage caused by the activity of free radicals.

Moringa leaves are dried using low temperature with air circulation to enable even drying. This process can prevent EGCG polyphenols from being oxidized. But oolong and black tea are manufactured using fermentation process. Freshly harvested leaves are subjected to fermentation, which results in EGCG to be transformed into different compounds. These resultant compounds are not effective to fight against various infections. New research results are emerging to confirm that this leaf tea can be beneficial for dieters.

Moringa tea and omega-3 fatty acids

University of Haifa has shared their research findings about role of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 supplement intake considerably lowers nicotine craving. Doctors and researchers have concluded that previous studies on this topic have been leading to derive at certain conclusions. The head of the school of criminology department’s addiction program have conducted the study. Research conclusions were published by this University.

Because of the adverse effects of medications, smokers are looking for natural supplements to kill the cravings, and thus kill the habit for good. Omega-3 is readily attainable dietary supplement without any side effects. Psycho pharmacology researchers concluded that cigarette smoking reduces the levels of essential fatty acids in the brain, especially that of omega-3 and omega-6. This deficiency damages the structure of nerve cells.

Anti-oxidants in moringa oleifera leaf tea were found to interfere with neurotransmission in areas of the brain involved with feeling pleasure and satisfaction. Cigarettes can reduce these essential areas of reward and decision making. This will offer you to lose the ability to self appreciate for your tasks. Even making small decisions becomes a marathon task.

Many smokers return to smoking after quitting when something stressful happens or they are forced to take big decisions. Omega-3 deficiency makes it harder for the smoker’s body to deal with cravings for another cigarette. An imbalance in omega-3 levels is related to mental health issues, severe depression. This is also connected with the ability of the brain to cope with stress and pressure. Pressure and stress are quite often associated with the urge to smoke regularly.

When people try to quit smoking, they experience a major nutrient deficiency which raises stress and tension levels. Attitudes and emotions can be high, if they are unable to get the right organic foods and supplements. Herbal teas are one way of fulfilling omega-3 fatty acids deficiency. Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study has been conducted to identify the effect of omega-3 fatty acids based supplements and their role for stopping smoking. The study was conducted for one month with regular smokers.

Abstract results show that cigarette smoke creates oxidative stress with subsequent polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) per-oxidation. Low concentrations of omega-3 PUFAs can affect neurotransmission in the brain. This is turn leads to hypo functioning of the meso-cortical systems related to reward and dependence mechanisms. This may eventually increase cigarette craving, hinders in smoking cessation efforts. Regular moringa oleifera herbal tea usage can help you to quit smoking easily and makes you healthy.