Skin care products with moringa oil

skin care products with moringa oil

Essential oils can make distinct changes to skin but they are not directly used. Their cell regeneration properties help to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It can regulate oil secretion in sebum and balance PH levels. It can renew dull skin conditions depending on the personal care products you use. You have to select the skin care products that will suit your skin and climate where you live. People in cold climatic regions normally suffer from dry skin issues whereas people living in tropical and subtropical countries have oily skin related issues.

People prefer to have a normal skin type is what everyone wants. The skin tone is even with blemish free, smooth appearance. It will have the right balance of oil that is natural without getting affected by atmospheric conditions. In this skin type, the cells are firm while giving a pleasing appearance. Redness is rare condition and the complexion is even without any whiteheads or blackheads. It is an extremely rare condition that reflects health of the person also.

When the oil glands do not secrete sufficient oil to keep the skin balanced, various problems develop. The skin can become dry, gets fine lines and wrinkles. The flaky skin gives itching sensation that worsens skin conditions. This skin type can become red and irritated and can feel very itchy and sensitive. Inflammatory condition is another common factor in case of dry skin.

Oily skin conditions result due to the hyperactive oil glands that secrete more sebum especially during puberty. Estrogen and testosterone hormones play role in that. But they can be controlled through diet and proper skin care. This skin type will cause painful acne, redness and inflammation. Skin will show uneven texture and pores will be large to trap external pollutants. Blackheads hold bacteria and dirt, which are severe to cause pain. These conditions spoil a persons’ appearance. White heads and pimples are aggravated with intake of junk food.

Combination skin is different with oily patches in particular areas. It is the t-zone with oils and the cheeks, chin and jaw are quite dry. It may appear as random patches of skin that are oily or dry. This type of skin will have uneven, patches and it can give rise to frequent boils and pimples. When you select oil as carrier oil yo u should select non comedogenic oil.

If the carrier oil is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E, it can nourish skin. Cold pressed moringa seed oil can blend with various essential oils and herbs. It has been found to be used as carrier oil with its low density. It is non comedogenic oil with zero rating value and it is beneficial for skin care products formulation. Moringa oil is used in body butter, anti-wrinkle oil, anti-aging lotion and body lotions. This oil based skin care products give a perfectly balanced skin and brings natural glow to skin.