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moringa for gerd

Moringa for gerd

Gastrointestinal disorders could be caused by irregular eating habits, alcoholism, heavy smoking and lack of rest etc., Gastric ulcers were diagnosed with reference to the patient’s symptoms. Some other tests include barium contrast X-rays...

moringa for epilepsy

Moringa for epilepsy

In folk remedies and traditional medicines, moringa oleifera or horse radish tree roots were used to treat epilepsy, nervous debility and hysteria. In the native countries such as India, Srilanka and Philippines, this tree...

moringa oil for inflammation

Cold pressed moringa oil

Moringa oil showed a high content of sterol components, for example, ß-sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol as well as a high content of fatty acids. The oil was found to contain oleic acid up to...