Value of permaculture


Permaculture involves better utilization of soil and water resources and get organic produces .It is designed in such a way to maintain the biological a balance between farm animals and plants. In all the processes of permaculture green house gas emissions are controlled. First suitable designing of the implementation is decided depending upon the communities involved in permaculture. Capture of wasted resource such as manure and straw can increase fertility of the soil. You have to select rotating crops and cover crops to utilize resources.

Incorporating crop residues into the soil, using rotten hay as mulch are simple steps that can reduce expenses avoid synthetic chemicals. A solar green house can give multiple advantages as it can be used to protect the young saplings form cold climate and store the harvested produces. You can sell the bedding plants for garden it can serve as a nursery for tree seedlings. Initially one can start with a small sized area if you become financially sound.

Compost can be used as a container mix ingredient, soil modifier, seed starter, mulch, or natural fertilizer, depending on its composition. Composting can eliminate weed seeds and plant pathogens in organic residues. Compost manure has multiple benefits. The primary one is improving fertility of the soil. Organic matter can improve the soil by enhancing chemical and biological characteristics. It increases microbial activity and enhance soil fertility. It can support plant disease suppression. It can bring higher prices for your organically grown crops.

Similarly biological insect control measures are taken that will not be dangerous for the beneficial insects such as bumble bees every step used in permaculture ensures healthy fertile soil and pollution free environment. These organic gardens are becoming popular in western countries, where genetically engineered products threaten consumer health. The permaculture plants should have multiple applications, while they should be Eco-friendly at the same time. With its nitrogen fixing property, it can improve fertility of soil.

Moringa oleifera tree is one of the trees that can be beneficial in every aspect. It can give shade for trees and fallen leaves are used as green manure. The tree leaves and seed cake can be given to cows and goats for improving their lactation. The moringa oleifera tree leaf powderr consumption can increase immunity of users and farm animals. The leaves seeds have been used in folk medicine to treat various ailments. This tree requires less water and can withstand against pests. Moreover moringa trees are grown for leaves or seeds harvesting. The seed oil can be used in the manufacture of various personal care products.