Wholesale Moringa

Wholesale Moringa

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Organic Veda moringa supplies moringa products worldwide through a channel of professional distributors. We provide complete support to you as a distributor. It will be the right time to buy our products as wholesale at affordable cost. This will definitely give good profit margin to sell them to retail stores and supply chains you can also target the end user. In addition, we can design private label, at affordable cost for a minimum order per item.

We manufacture moringa oleifera leaf powder, capsules, tea and moringa seeds to meet the organic standards specification. All the products are tested to meet the quality standards. Wholesale organic moringa powder is used for various applications. As such they may be used for cuisine and used in the personal care products formulation also.

We have variety of quality moringa seeds of PKM1, PKM2, MS 01 and MS O2. It is a viable business option for you to buy wholesale moringa seeds and supply to the farms in your country. Moringa oleifera PKM seeds can grow well even in cold climates, when the plants are protected from winter frost. As at present there are green house facilities and people use heat emitting bulbs also to grow them in various countries.

Similarly we also manufacture teas with moringa leaf powder and other beneficial herbs. You can avail them as wholesale loose leaf tea and wholesale moringa tea bags. Moringa original tea, lemon tea, green tea, ginger tea, digestive tea, relax and refreshing tea, immune tea, detox and wellness tea, peppermint tea, anti-aging detox tea, weight loss tea and healthy heart tea.

Reasons to become our distributor

Our moringa products have reached several countries in the world and we have received client testimonials that have paved the way of our growth. We have established successfully for more than 7 years with proven results. We offer quality whole sale moringa products at competitive prices, and we ship to any global location. We are able to supply minimum quantities and irrespective of the quantity, we support the distributor in all possible ways.

Organic Veda moringa will adapt to customer requirements, thus making a special effort of flexibility to satisfy your needs. We will provide you with fast service to support your activities with standard FedEx and DHL logistics. We use minimum order processing time and fulfill the order so as to reach the destination at the right time. At any time you can track your order by sending email to shipping@agfindia.com with your order number.